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How to view and export award judges scores
How to view and export award judges scores

Learn how to report on award judge grades and comments.

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Once award judges have reviewed and graded award entries, the information submitted by judges can be found on the ‘Judging Overview’ page. Event managers can use the ‘Judging Overview’ page to see both complete and incomplete reviews along with grades and comments, or see average review scores on the ‘Entries’ page..

Judging overview page

The 'Judging Overview' page will show all judge reviews, review statuses, judge names, along with grades and comments for criteria. The judging overview page can be filtered to show reviews by a specific award category, within a certain date range, from an individual judge, or by status. Event managers must select the option to “Show all Judging Criteria?” to see grades and comment for each criteria.

To visit the Judging Overview page, go to Awards > Management > Entries.

Note: The ‘Judging Overview’ page can be used to email judges with ‘Incomplete’ or ‘Not Started’ reviews. Read more in our article “How to email judges with incomplete or not started reviews”.

Exporting judge’s grades and comments

From the judging overview page, judge’s grades and comments can be printed, exported to excel, or exported to word. To export this data in any of the three options, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Awards > Management > Judging Overview

  2. Adjust any filters as needed (example: filter to ‘Completed’ reviews)

  3. To print or export to excel, select the “Print” or “Excel” buttons in the top left

  4. If exporting to word, select the checkbox for all reviews that should be exported (click “All” to select all entries)

  5. Select the “Export” button in the top left, then select the data to include in the word export


  • Selecting “Print” generates a table on the page and uses the web browser’s ‘Print’ option. For best display, print using “Landscape” page layout.

  • Selecting “Excel” creates an XLS file that downloads and opens in Microsoft Excel (or similar). 

  • Selecting “Export” allows the event manager to select which information is included in the word template before exporting.

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