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How to set up a table booking event
How to set up a table booking event

Learn how to create a table booking event in Eventsforce.

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Activating the "Table Booking" module transforms the registration process to focus on booking whole tables and/or seats on tables at a gala dinner type event. The module allows you to define table sizes (number of seats) and the number of tables to be made available to the registration contact. Prices and discounts can be applied to the whole tables or individual seats.

Enabling table booking

Follow the steps below to activate 'table booking' in your event:

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Properties

  2. Under Options, Select Feature: Table booking (If this is greyed out, please contact your Eventsforce Account Manager)

  3. Click "Save"

  4. Go to Setup > Table Booking > Settings

  5. Select the options that will define your table booking process.

  6. Click "Save"

Creating Table Groups

If your tables have prices or discounts, these should be created as 'General prices' (Prices Descriptors) before creating tables. Create table groups by doing the following:

  1. Go to Setup > Table Booking > Groups. Click "Add"

  2. Add a 'Description' for the Group and the Table Size (number of seats on one table e.g. 10).

  3. Visible to Backend Users only: keeps this table group for Admin only registrations. You cannot change this property of a created table at a later date.

  4. If applicable add Prices and Discounts to both the seats or whole tables.

  5. Click "Save"

Creating Tables

Once table groups have been created, tables can be added in bulk to the event:

  1. Go to Setup > Table Booking > Tables.

  2. Select "Add" (with Table Groups active) for batch table creation.

  3. Select a Table Group from the dropdown list.

  4. Add a value for the Number of Tables to create

  5. Select "Save"

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to add further batches of tables.

  7. Each table will be listed and by selecting Edit the table name can be amended.

Adding Table Guest Questions

Information can be gathered for each table guest. For example: dietary requirements, wine selection, special requirements.

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration Pages

  2. Next to the Table Guests Page and click "Edit"

  3. The minimum fields of Firstname and Lastname will be displayed.

  4. Select "Add Here" to add additional questions. If you wish to capture β€œDietary Requirements” in Reporting, ensure that you use the database item ”Dietary Requirements” as it is hard-coded to be picked up in the table guests report.

Note: The table groups or seats are automatically added to the bottom of the Registration Contact Details page.

Seating Arrangement

When the registration and amendment period has finished, you can re-assign the booked guests to other tables as you require.

Guests will be automatically placed on a table when the booking was made but this functionality allows you to drag and drop guests on to different tables.

  1. Go to Setup > Table Bookings > Seating

  2. The tables are listed on the left hand side. To look at specific tables simply tick the boxes for those tables and click Update.

  3. Once you have moved the guest click Save to store the change.

Note: Dragging and dropping a name from a table onto another name will swap the people over.

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