What is Eventsforce Virtual Content Delivery (VCD)?

Learn how to educate, engage, and connect your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors for your virtual event.

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Eventsforce Virtual Content Delivery (VCD) is a simple to use hosted solution that allows event planners to run their events online.

Whether you’re hosting online sessions or a multi-day virtual conference, Eventsforce VCD will give you live content delivery, networking and the ability to build lasting relationships with your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors online.

Download a PDF for more information about the capabilities and benefits of Eventsforce Virtual Content Delivery.

Note: If interested in building a VCD event, please contact your account manager or Eventsforce support for more information.

Eventsforce VCD features

The following features and functionality are available as part of a VCD event:

  • Brand-able virtual dashboard - area for attendees, speakers, and companies to login

  • Statistics - graphs/charts with ability to export

  • Engage - broadcast messages to attendees with targeting ability

  • Attendees - manage event’s attendee list

  • Companies (Exhibitors/Sponsors) - provide companies the ability to build and manage their organization's profile, manage leads, and schedule meetings

  • Matchmaking - smart suggestions based on attendee’s interests

  • Content Hub - display and manage abstracts or other content related to the event

  • Appearance - customize event branding, terminology, and icons used in the VCD

  • Adverts - create and manage advertising campaigns

Note: All modules and options above are available for each VCD event created, although event managers can use the features necessary for their event.

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