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Concept of Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Concept of Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing

Walk through the attendee journeys within Groups & Ticketing.

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Registration in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing can be configured as an individual booking or a group booking. There is one attendee journey for single booking, while two possible attendee journeys exist for group booking.

Note: The event manager can choose to enable or disable group booking at any time.

This article will cover the following:

Person types

Below are the person types we will use to help demonstrate the various attendee journeys that might be configured in your event:

Event manager = the person tasked with building and managing the event within Groups & Ticketing, the event manager can configure and adjust the registration process and options given to the bookers/attendees as the event progresses.

Booker = the person who is booking tickets for themselves or a group of people . The booker may or may not actually be attending the event themselves, but is responsible for booking and purchasing the tickets, securing the places for attendees at the event.

Attendee = the person that is coming to the event. Every attendee will have a person ticket associated with them. Depending on the event configuration, the attendee may be allowed to manage their own registration details and agenda (sessions).

Individual booking attendee journey

When an event doesn’t allow for group registration, all attendees will proceed through the single registration attendee journey. The attendee will proceed through the following pages:

  1. Ticket selection

  2. Attendee details

  3. Agenda - session selection (if applicable)

  4. Summary/Checkout page (Checkout for ‘Paid’ events)

  5. Payment modal (if applicable)

  6. Confirmation page


  • When inviting attendees, if the pre-assigned category for the invitee only has one ticket available, the ticket selection page will be skipped

  • Single registration mode for free events without sessions will bypass the ‘Summary’ page on completion

Group booking

When an event allows group registration, there are two methods that can be used:

  1. Group organizer mode (Groups) -The booker selects tickets for the entire group and is responsible for entering the attendee data and booking sessions on behalf of all attendees.

  2. Self service mode (Groups +) -The booker selects tickets for the entire group but invites attendees to enter their own data and book sessions. The booker always has the option of entering attendee data or booking sessions on behalf of the attendee.

The event manager must enable the “Groups” or "Groups +" setting found on the Setup > Event > Properties page:

Note: Event managers can adjust these settings at any time in the registration process.

Group booking - Group organizer mode (Groups)

When “Groups" is enabled, the booker is responsible for entering all the attendee details. The booker has the ability to book tickets and pay now, then return to enter details at a later date when attendees are known.

In this scenario, attendees do not manage their own data or schedules. The booker must select sessions on behalf of the attendees in the group.

Read our “Group booking - Group organizer mode” article for a more detailed overview.

Group registration - Self-service mode (Groups +)

When “Groups +” is enabled, the booker can invite the attendees to enter their own details and book sessions, passing the data entry responsibility to the attendee.

Eventsforce gives the booker the option to book tickets and pay now, then invite attendees to enter their own information. The booker can invite some attendees now, and invite others at a later date.

Even if attendees are invited, the booker always has the ability to enter attendee details or manage the agenda on behalf of the attendee.

Read our “Group Booking - Self service mode explained” article for a more detailed overview.

Note: In a group booking, only bookers will be able to book sessions with a price on behalf of their attendees.

Invitations in group booking events

When people are invited to an event which allows for group booking, the invitation is valid for the invitee only. The invitee is limited to registering themselves only and cannot add any more tickets to the booking.

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