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Viewing and editing Companies from your VCD admin

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In this article, we will cover how to view and edit your companies from the admin, as well as how to associate attendees with them. For information on how company contacts manage their own company profile, please click here.

This article will cover the following:

Viewing the Company List

You can view the list of companies in your conference by logging in to your VCD admin ( and going to Companies > List on the left hand side:

On the list page you can view the full list of companies, see if they are in the system as an exhibitor or a sponsor (or both), see what sponsorship level they are, how many contacts they have, what booth they are in (in person conference), their scannable QR code, if leads are enabled, and a direct link to any company loaded assets. You can also use the basic search function to search based on company name, any associated interest tags, what booth they are located in, or what country their address is in. You can use the advanced search to filter by more than one of these parameters at a time.

Click the name of any company to view that company’s details. Click the “Asset” link to load or view assets associated with a company.


There are three actions you can take with any company in your list. To use them, check the boxes next to the company or companies you’d like them to affect.

Delete: Remove the selected company or companies from your conference

Assign Contacts: The system will attempt to assign attendees to Companies as contacts automatically. Please note that this requires the company name associated with the attendee to match the company name as entered in the companies list. (You can also assign contacts manually when necessary -- see Company Contacts.)

Permissions: Change the visibility of a selected company or companies. (See Permissions.)

Company Details

Clicking on the name of a company will take you to the details page for that company. From here you can control their company information, what attendees are associated with a company to make changes themselves or to request meetings as that company, what assets are loaded, and what permissions that company has.

Company Information

Let’s start with the company information, which is the default details page and can also be accessed by clicking “Edit” in the Companies sub menu. Nearly all of this content can be updated by attendees associated with the company as contacts.

There are three categories of information on the main details page: General Info, Interests, and Web Links.

The General Information section includes:

  • Company Name

  • Address fields (please note that an address is optional but cannot be partially complete -- there must be an address, city, state, zip, and country)

  • Contact numbers - Work, Cell, and Fax

  • Company Type: Select “Sponsor” for this company to show on your front end automatically.

  • Sponsorship: Select “Sponsors” or “Exhibitors” depending on what heading you’d like this company to show under

  • Booth: This company’s booth at an in person or hybrid event

  • Describe Your Products and Services: this is the company description that will be visible to attendees exploring Companies.

Interests will display a list of all loaded interests that can be associated with this company. (Note - this field will only be visible if your conference is using interests.) Select or de-select interests by clicking on them in the list. These changes effect what users this company is recommended to.

Web Content is a list of places to find more information about the company online and includes:

  • Company website

  • Blog

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • RSS Feed

Once you have made your changes to the Company information, click the save button at the bottom of the page.


Company contacts can upload assets through the company portal, but you may also load assets directly to a company from the admin portal. Please see VCD Assets.

Permissions: Hiding a Company from your Attendees

You can control the visibility of a company under the “Permissions” tab. If there is a company you don’t want to be visible to anyone but your moderators for whatever reason, follow these steps to hide them:

  • Find the company you’d like to hide in your company list and click on their name to see the company details.

  • Click “Permissions” in the top menu.

  • Click the radial selector next to “Mod Only Company.”

  • Save your changes.

You can also hide multiple companies at once using the “Permissions” button on the listing page.

  • Go to your Company list

  • Check the boxes next to all companies you’d like to hide

  • Click “Permissions” at the top

  • Select the radial next to “Mod Only Company”

  • Click save under the list of permissions

Company Contacts

Attendees can be associated with companies as contacts. Company contacts can choose to interact with the conference as their individual attendee account or as their company. When logged in as the company, they can send messages or request meetings as that company, as well as editing the company information or loading assets. To switch between an individual account and a company account when you are assigned to one or more companies, click on the “Hi, …” in the top right hand corner and select the account you would like to view. Learn how attendees manage their associated companies here.

Manually Add Company Contacts

You can also add contacts to a company manually. This is especially useful as a faster way to add a small number of contacts or when the company name in the attendee profile does not exactly match the company name as written in the company profile. To assign a company contact manually, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Companies > List.

  2. Click the number of contacts associated with the company.

  3. Start to type the attendee’s information in either the name or email field. These fields will autocomplete. If you don’t see the attendee you are looking for, continue to type to narrow down your search.

  4. Select the attendee from the available matches in the drop down.

  5. Select the type of contact this attendee will be:

    1. On-Site Editor: This person has access to edit the profile, send messages, set up meetings, and will count towards the total number of meetings this company can have concurrently.

    2. Off-Site Editor: This person has access to edit the profile, send messages, and set up meetings, but will not count towards the total number of meetings this company can have concurrently.

  6. Click “Add.”

From this screen, you can remove contacts from a company by selecting the check box next to the contact’s name and clicking “Delete.” You can also change what type of contact they are by selecting the checkbox next to them and using “Make …” buttons.

Creating a Company Manually

You can create companies directly in the VCD backend.

  • Go to Companies > Create

  • Fill out the company name (required) and any other additional information (optional -- company contacts can also edit this when you invite them into the system)

  • Check the box for “Sponsors”

  • Select the appropriate type from the Sponsorship drop down menu: Exhibitor or Sponsor (this controls what heading the company appears under on the front end)

  • Enter a physical booth if the company will be onsite or has a specified location

  • Save your new company

You can also import and export your companies using the “import” and “export” options. For more information, please see Importing and Exporting Your VCD Data.

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