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How to customize Eventsforce invoices
How to customize Eventsforce invoices
Learn how to customize the invoices generated by Eventsforce.
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Event managers can customize the invoice generated by Eventsforce by adding their own company name, address, message, and billing/company logo.

Note: Invoices are generated automatically for registrations with a fee and are attached to the ‘Booking confirmation’ email.

This article covers the following:

Customizing the invoice setup

Invoices can be customized to each event. To customize the invoice, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Financial > Invoice Setup

  2. Enter a company name, customer message, and company address

  3. Uploading a company logo (require JPG with a size of 2250 x 300px)

  4. Click “Save”

Testing the invoice

Visit Setup > Financial > Invoice Setup, and use the “Test” button in the top left hand corner. Alternatively, complete a registration on the website and find the invoice in the ‘Booking Confirmation’ email.

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