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How to customize Eventsforce invoices
How to customize Eventsforce invoices

Learn how to customize the invoices generated by Eventsforce.

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Event managers can customize the invoice generated by Eventsforce by adding their own company name, address, message, and billing/company logo.


  • Invoices can be generated automatically for registrations with a fee and attached to the ‘Booking confirmation’ email. For invoices to be sent automatically, the ‘Attach invoices and credit notes to order confirmation/cancellation emails’ box must be checked in System Settings.

  • Users will have access to the admin portal of Eventsforce with access granted by their user role and event access group(s).

  • Any administrator or a user with access to the settings menu item on the admin portal of Eventsforce will have the ability to turn this setting on or off by navigating to System Settings (cog icon) > Settings > System Settings

This article covers the following:

Customizing the invoice setup

Invoices can be customized to each event. To customize the invoice, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Financial > Invoice Setup

  2. Enter a company name, customer message, and company address

  3. Uploading a company logo (require JPG with a size of 2250 x 300px)

  4. Click “Save”

Testing the invoice

Visit Setup > Financial > Invoice Setup, and use the “Test” button in the top left hand corner. Alternatively, complete a registration on the website and find the invoice in the ‘Booking Confirmation’ email.

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