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Allowing bookers to pay later (request an invoice)
Allowing bookers to pay later (request an invoice)

Learn how bookers can reserve tickets now and pay later.

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If your Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing event has tickets or items with fees attached, bookers will be asked to pay their balance to complete the booking. Payments can be made online with credit cards through your chosen payment gateway, or bookers can choose to “Pay later”.

Pay later allows the booker to complete the booking and reserve places at the event, but complete payment later. Pay later can also be considered the booker “requesting an invoice”.

Note: By default, ‘Pay later’ is enabled in the event as the only payment option. For credit card payments, event managers must adjust their finance settings to set up a payment gateway and allow payment by card.

This article will cover:

Changing payment settings in the event

All new events will default allow bookers to “Request an invoice”. If also allowing payments by card, event managers can give bookers the option of paying by card now or later via invoice. Event managers can adjust the payment settings by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Settings

  2. In the ‘Payment settings’ panel, choose “Request an Invoice” or “Select from Either”

    • Request an Invoice: Bookers can only request an invoice (pay later)

    • Pay by Card: Bookers can only pay via credit card

    • Select from Either: Bookers can choose to request an invoice or pay via card

  3. Tick the box to request a purchase order number if requesting an invoice

  4. Click “Save”

Note: When allowing bookers to request an invoice, event managers should customize the invoice that will be delivered.

Booker experience when requesting an invoice

When payment settings are set to “Select from Either”, the booker will see an option to “Pay Later” or “Pay Now” on the checkout page.

When payment settings are set to “Request an Invoice”, the booker will only see a “Pay Later” button on the checkout page.

When “Pay Later” is selected to complete the booking, a confirmation email will be sent to the booker with the invoice attached.

Note: If the booker can only “Pay by Card”, the “Pay Later” button will not appear. Bookers will be asked to pay the full amount now via card.

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