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Email Campaigns

Learn about email campaigns in Eventsforce.

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Campaigns in Eventsforce are the history of all Ad Hoc and Invitation emails that have been sent within an event.

The page Communications > Campaigns lists a row for each batch of emails sent in a table with the following columns. The page will be blank until emails have been sent.

The following options are displayed on the page for an email campaign:

  • Description: the admin description of the email

  • Subject: The current subject line of the email

  • Date Sent: This is the date in the UTC time zone.

  • Sent: The total number sent

  • Opened: The number of emails opened.

    • Note: this should not be interpreted as a true figure as recipient email systems may block this technology.

  • Click-throughs: A basic insight when the event link is used in the email and clicked on.

Select the Description, Subject or Date Sent to change the order the table rows.

Click on the table row to view the content of the sent email.

Click on the sent number to view the email recipients.

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