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Ticket waitlists for Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Ticket waitlists for Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing

Learn how to set up and manage a ticket waitlist for Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.

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Event organizers can set up waitlists for fully booked tickets. This allows attendees to add themselves to the waitlist if their preferred ticket is temporarily sold out or the venue is at total capacity. They will then receive a notification when space becomes available.

This article will cover the following:

Turning on waitlists for tickets

Event managers must activate a setting to allow attendees to be placed on a waitlist for tickets that have reached total capacity.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Event > Waitlist Settings

  2. Check the checkbox “Use waitlist for all tickets with a limited capacity”

  3. Update the attendee response period

  4. Choose the limit of attendees on the waitlist

  5. Click “Save”

Note: The limit on the waitlist is restricted to 100 people.

Setting up capacities for tickets

Capacities must be set up for tickets to trigger a waitlist when total capacity is reached.

For more information on adding tickets and capacities, read the article, “Creating tickets and packages”.

Managing ticket waitlists

When the total capacity for a ticket has been reached, attendees will be given the option to join the waitlist. Once they have joined the waitlist, Event Managers can view and manage it to prioritize certain ticket types or bookers to be cleared from the waitlist first.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Event > Tickets

  2. Select a ticket row, and use the Spanner Icon to select “Manage waitlist”

  3. View the position of people on the waitlist, their status (“Waiting” or “Offered”) and the “Respond by” date and time

  4. Select a person row, and use the Spanner Icon to “Edit” or “Remove” a booking from the waitlist

  5. Use the Spanner Icon to export the waitlist to Excel

  6. Drag and drop an order for manual placement in the priority list

Offer email for waitlist place

If an event manager increases the ticket capacity or an existing attendee cancels their ticket booking so that a place becomes available, an offer email will be sent to the first person on the waitlist, and they will be offered to book the ticket.

The following are some rules regarding the offered place:

  • The place is offered to the person in 1st position on the waitlist

  • If the person offered does not respond within the time period allotted (default 24hrs), then the offer expires, and the next person on the waitlist will be offered the place

The following are some rules regarding the offer email:

  • The offer email will be sent to the booker

  • Clicking “Accept” will accept the offered place for the ticket

  • When someone clicks "Decline," they forfeit their spot for the ticket, and the opportunity is then extended to the next individual on the waitlist. By declining the offer, they are removed from the waitlist. However, if they are on the waitlist for another order, they may still receive an offer to clear the waitlist for that particular order

  • The offer email is a system email and is not available to edit

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