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How to reset an attendee's password
How to reset an attendee's password

Learn how to manually set your attendee's password as an admin.

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When attendees are asked for a password to register, Eventsforce strongly recommends they use the "Request login details" link to get a "password reset link" emailed to them as this is most secure. As an admin, you may need to manually set a password for a person in the system.

Setting the password as an admin

As a last resort, you can set the password for the attendee by taking the below actions:

  1. Go to Reports > Quick Search

  2. Enter the email address for the attendee

  3. Select the "Search all events" check box

  4. Click "Search"

  5. Click on the "i" icon to open the personal details page

  6. Click the "Reset password..." button

  7. Set the new password then click "Submit"

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