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Import list of people (Troubleshooting)
Import list of people (Troubleshooting)

Learn to troubleshoot errors received when importing a list of people.

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You may encounter various error messages when importing lists of people. Below are some common error messages and their solutions.

Error 1: "Invalid import file: Not a CSV extension"

Solution: Be sure to save your file as a Unicode text file (.txt) and try again. You can also save as a CSV file, however we recommend TXT (UTF-16 Unicode Text) for best results.

Error 2: "Invalid import file: The following columns are required in the csv: email, firstname, lastname (username cannot be used)(1001)"

Solution: Make sure you are using "email", "firstname", and "lastname" spelled exactly at it is here. All lower case, without spaces. 

Error 3: Invalid data item (displayed by a cell highlighted in deep red)

Solution: Correct the data in the highlighted cell. Usually caused by an invalid email address or missing value.

Error 4: Special/accented characters missing or displayed incorrectly

Solution: Try saving your file as a TXT (UTF-16 Unicode text) instead of CSV to allow all characters to show properly.

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