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Group registrations (Reference)
Group registrations (Reference)

A reference guide to understanding group registrations in Eventsforce.

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Activating group registrations will allow one person to register many people in the same registration. You can enable group registrations by going to Setup > Event > Registration

Once '"Allow group registrations" is active, Eventsforce refers to these two types of people:

  • Registration contact = main contact for the registration and usually the person actively making this booking

  • Attendee = person attending the event

Activating group registrations adds a "registration contact page" to your registration process. The registration contact page will always appear prior to the attendee registration pages as it collects the contact information of the person registering on behalf of the group, or will collect attendee data for single registrations. 

Registration contacts will be shown the below screen at the start of registration:

The selection made by the registration contact determines if the data entered on the ‘Registration contact details’ page will pre-populate to the ‘Attendee registration’ pages. Each option is explained below:

  • I am registering for myself - the data entered on the ‘registration contact details’ page will be copied to the ‘attendee details’ page as the contact and attendee are the same person

  • I am registering on behalf of other people - the data entered on the ‘registration contact details’ page does not copy over to the ‘attendee details’ page, as the contact is not an attendee

  • I am registering for myself and other people - the data entered on the ‘registration contact details’ page will be copied to the ‘attendee details’ page (for the first attendee) as the contact and attendee are the same person. Each additional attendee added to the group will have a blank ‘attendee registration’ page. 

Note: When applicable, the registration contact data will copy to the attendee details page if the same question exists on both pages. In addition, there is a setting to "Copy data from the registration contact" that can be enabled against individual registration questions.

Groups settings explained

The “Groups” panel exists on the Setup > Event > Registration page. 

A brief description is provided for each setting below:

  • Allow group registrations = will activate group booking mode and allow the selection of settings within this panel

  • Maximum number of attendees per registration = maximum number of attendees per registration, must be between 1 and 100

  • Allow multiple attendee categories in a registration = when using multiple attendee categories, the registration contact will be able to book attendees of different attendee categories in the same registration. Note: This will limit the ability to send different automatic emails to different attendee categories

  • Automatically populate address fields for attendees = by default, answers to the following questions will be copied from the registration contact's page to the attendee page if the questions appear on both registration pages; Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Town, County, Postcode, Country, Phone Number
    Note: It is possible to copy/pre-populate most of the registration contact's answers to the attendee's registration page

  • Send new registration emails to every attendee = by default, only the registration contact will receive the 'Automatic' confirmation email.  Activating this setting will allow each attendee in the group to receive the 'New registration' email
    Note: This applies to the "new registration" email only

  • Registration contact must attend the event = this will force the registration contact to also be an attendee for the event (removes the "I am registering on behalf of other people" option)

  • Disable attendee deletion during amendment = a "Delete" button will be available next to each attendee on the basket page, allowing the registration contact to remove attendees from the group. Removing someone from a group will "cancel" the registration and may trigger a cancellation fee (if active). Activating this setting will remove this option

  • Authenticate group attendees = activating this option will change the registration process flow. The registration contact will be required to enter each attendee's email address. The database will then be queried and return the attendee's data if already known to the system.  If an attendee is known to the system, data questions that applies to all events will be shown as "Private field" and will not be editable by the registration contact.
    Note: If this is not enabled, you will need to add "Email2" to the registration page to collect an email address from the group attendees

Copying data from the registration contact

When using group registrations, you can copy data entered against the registration contact to each of the attendees within the group. This allows for a more efficient registration, as the contact does not need to re-enter the same information multiple times. This setting can be enabled for specific questions in your event.

Configuring your registration questions

Make sure your registration question is added to the "registration contact details" page as well as the registration page for attendees.

Copying data from the registration contact to attendees

The setting can be enabled for individual registration questions. The setting exists within question on the attendee's page (not the registration contact's):

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration Pages

  2. Click to "Edit" the registration page for your attendees

  3. Hover over the 'edit' icon and select "Edit" for the question that data should be copied to

  4. Enable the "Copy from registration contact" checkbox in the question details

  5. Click "Save"


  • When using group registrations in your event, an event manager can no longer change the attendee category of a completed registration. The registration must be cancelled and re-registered in the proper category.

  • For “paid” events, all financial data and information is stored against the “registration contact”

  • Group registrations cannot be enabled or disabled when the event is “Live” and/or contains completed registrations

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