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What are guests in Eventsforce?
What are guests in Eventsforce?

Learn how guests can be registered for your events.

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Guest functionality allows accompanying person(s) to be attached to an attendee's registration. Guests must be associated with an attendee and cannot have their own registration. Guests can also be attached to attendees in a group registration.

Activating guests in your event

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Registration

  2. Under the 'Advanced' section, enter the 'Maximum number of guests allowed per registration'. This number has to be the same for all attendees

  3. Click "Save"

Adding guest prompts to your registration pages 

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration Pages

  2. Click "Edit" for the registration page where you would like the guest questions to appear (Note: all guest questions need to be on one registration page)

  3. Hover over "Add Here" and select "Registration Question"

  4. On the 'Registration Question Details' screen, in "Search Existing Items", enter "Firstname" and then select "firstname" from the list of data Items
    Note: It will be highlighted in red and marked "Already Used". Ignore this warning when adding guest prompts

  5. For the 'Applies to:' setting, select "Guests" (default setting is "Attendee")

  6. Click "Save"

  7. The tag "GUEST_" will be automatically added to the database prompt name (visible on hover over) to mark it as a guest prompt

  8. Repeat the steps 3 - 6 for "Lastname" and any other guest prompts needed

It is possible to allow a different number of guests for different attendees within the same event. Click here to learn more.


  • You must add the guest questions "Firstname" and "Lastname" to create a guest

  • Guest questions only need to be added once. If more than one guest is allowed, the questions will automatically duplicate to match the maximum number of guests

  • Use the same data items for guests as used for attendees. Only use different data items if the question only applies to guests

  • Guest questions are 'fake' mandatory and will only act in the correct way if any guest prompt is filled in. Guest prompts for any other guests will be highlighted in red briefly when the user clicks "Proceed" but will not generate an error

  • Guest questions can only appear on one registration page per event

  • Guests can be given the choice to select days and sessions

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