Eventsforce Kiosk is a self-service badging and check-in solution that is fully integrated with your Eventsforce registration site.

With Eventsforce Kiosk you can:

  • Design personal badges for your attendees to collect on-site

  • Allow attendees to quickly and securely check-in to your event

  • Allow attendees to print their own badge on-site

  • Enable event planners and back-office staff to monitor attendee check-ins in real-time

Event managers can set up an Apple iPad kiosk at the entrance of their event. Attendees can scan a QR code or search for their record, check themselves in, and print their badge.

Watch our promotional video showing the Eventsforce Kiosk in action along with EF Attendance.

Eventsforce Kiosk has the following components:

  • Badge design (within Eventsforce)

  • On-site kiosk setup (within Eventsforce)

  • Analytics (within Eventsforce)

  • Badge stock - provided by IT Rentals or your preferred badge stock supplier

  • Hardware: Apple iPad, badge printer and Wi-Fi network with Internet connection - supplied  by IT Rentals or your preferred IT partner

Eventsforce Kiosk must be added to your Eventsforce license. Please contact Eventsforce support or your account manager for more information.

The EF Kiosk app

The EF Kiosk app is only available for iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. You must have iOS version 11.4 or later. Visit the app store and search for “EF Kiosk” as shown below:

Suggested steps to setting up Eventsforce Kiosk

  1. Add Eventsforce Kiosk functions to user role

  2. Design your Eventsforce Kiosk badge

  3. Configure the Eventsforce Kiosk settings

  4. Customize the Eventsforce Kiosk app design

  5. Add check-in details to your email

  6. Set up the EF Kiosk app and on-site hardware (may be done by IT Rentals or your preferred IT partner)

  7. Use Eventsforce Kiosk for on-site check-in and badge printing

  8. View Eventsforce Kiosk analytics

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