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How to create direct URLs to discount codes
How to create direct URLs to discount codes

Learn how marketing codes can be used to provide discounts.

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Using the marketing code feature, you can provide custom URLs to attendees which allows a discount to be applied automatically. We recommend reading the article on Using Marketing Codes to understand the suggested use of this feature.

Note: Marketing codes are not compatible with personal links

Creating the marketing code prompt

The marketing code can be used to apply discounts to attendees. These codes will be part of the URL and are applied automatically to the registration. The first step is creating the “Marketing Code” registration prompt.

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration pages

  2. Click to "Edit" the registration page that should contain the prompt

  3. Hover over 'Add here' and select "Registration prompt"

  4. Search for “Marketing code” and select the existing question

  5. Select "Save"

Note: The "Marketing code" field can be made 'admin portal only' if you want to hide the question from attendees.

Creating the discount

The next step is to create a discount which applies when a certain marketing code is entered. There are various types of discounts that can be created, see Discount Types. Below shows how to create a 100% discount using a range of codes.

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Discounts

  2. Select “Add” and create discount name

  3. Choose what to apply the discount to (example: entire event price)

  4. Select “Code sequence” as discount type

  5. Enter the number of times each code can be used in the “Re-uses” field

  6. Select “Marketing Code” from the Registration prompt dropdown

  7. Enter discount amount & currency (ex: -100%)

  8. Select “Save”

  9. Click the “more” link to the right of "Re-uses" to add more codes to trigger the discount

  10. Select “Save”

Once all codes have been created, you can use the code names to generate discount URLs. The URL is a combination of the Registration URL and “?mc=codename”.

Marketing/discount code name: VIP

It is recommended to keep a list of all URLs in a spreadsheet for easier access.

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