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How to set up the hardware for Eventsforce Kiosk
How to set up the hardware for Eventsforce Kiosk

Learn how to configure your iPad and printer for on-site check-in.

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The Eventsforce On-site Kiosk is your one stop solution for onsite check-in and on-demand badge printing. This guide covers the steps to get your kiosk up and running at your event.

This article will cover the following:

Note: This article is a guide to setting up your hardware. Eventsforce does not directly support this hardware. Contact your hardware provider if you require assistance with your hardware.

What do you need on-site?

EF Kiosk works with very specific hardware requirements. If these are not available to you, please contact your account manager to have these supplied through our rental partners.

  1. One or more 10.2” Apple iPad (8th Generation) running iPadOS v14.0+

    • Eventsforce Kiosk is compatible with newer iPad and iPad Air models released since 2019

    • It must be registered in a country that has an Apple AppStore and not subject to US sanctions

  2. We recommend these printers: Zebra ZD500 Direct Thermal printer or Zebra ZD621

    • Your chosen printer must have:

      1. Direct thermal (not thermal transfer)

      2. Wifi

      3. Optional but recommended: Cutter

      4. Optional but recommended: LCD screen

    • Eventsforce Kiosk works with both 203dpi and 300dpi resolutions.

  3. A means for connecting the devices:

    • Option 1: a network where the iPad is connected via Wi-Fi and printer is connected directly to the router via ethernet cable. This network must also be connected to the internet via a hardwired cable or mobile internet (using a 3/4/5G-enabled router such as D-Link DWR 921).

    • Option 2: a pre-arranged wireless access point for both printers and iPads. This involves configuring the printer using the PC-only software (supplied with the Zebra ZD500 printer) in conjunction with your internet provider.

  4. Your badge stock.

    • The Kiosk works with Direct Thermal butterfly badge stock with a print area on both sides of 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4").

    • The Kiosk works with 102mm x 152mm (4” x 6”) badge stock.

    • The Kiosk works with 102mm x 76mm (4" x 3") badge stock.

  5. Your lanyards

We strongly recommend having the below completed prior to going on-site:

Setting up the printer

Before printing badges, you will need to connect your Zebra ZD500 (or ZD621) printer to the network and calibrate it. Follow the steps below to configure the printer:

  1. Power up your printer with the printhead open and connect it to your network

  2. Feed through the first badge and allow a small gap between the printer and remaining badge stock

  3. Align the first badge and check it is being fed in straight and centered, then close the printhead

  4. When you unpause the printer, it will perform a calibration, which may consume up to 15 badges. At the end of the calibration, the cutter should engage by cutting the badges

  5. The printer is now ready to start printing

Printing a test badge

We strongly recommend printing a test badge to ensure the layout and content appears as expected. Use the steps below to print a test badge:

  1. Launch the Eventsforce Kiosk app which should open to the “Admin screen”

  2. In the ‘Printer’ section, select the first row to search for printers on the network

  3. Select your Zebra printer (The printer “Zebra Printer Simulator” is always displayed and can be selected for activating the attendee screen)

  4. Select the “Kiosk Standard” badge to use for testing

  5. Select “Test” in blue to check if your printer is printing (check the ‘Status’ on the right)

Note: There is a line 1mm inside the border of the test badge to help with horizontal and vertical calibration in the printer. The print darkness and alignment can be set from within the printer’s control panel.

Connecting the iPad to your Eventsforce event

Each iPad you bring on-site will need to be linked to your Eventsforce event. Complete the steps below on each iPad:

  1. Ensure your device is not in "dark mode"

  2. Open the Eventsforce Kiosk app which should open to the ‘Admin screen’

  3. Scan the Admin QR code and enter the Admin QR Code PIN

  4. Make sure the correct event is listed, then tap “Confirm” in the top right

  5. The sync will then start downloading all attendees and their badges to the device

  6. Once the first sync is complete, the “Start” and “Reprint” buttons will become active

  7. Select “Start” to activate the attendee screen to allow attendees to check-in

  8. To exit the attendee screen, tap the top banner section 3 times OR scan the Admin QR code, then enter the Admin QR Code PIN

Note: Synchronization happens every 60 seconds, checking for attendee updates and new attendees and uploading the latest printed and attendance statuses.

Putting the iPad into “Kiosk” mode

It is possible to lock-down an iPad so users cannot exit the app by using the ‘home’ button. We recommend enabling this on each device. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > On

  2. Set a passcode (make a note of this as you will need it to switch off Guided Access)

  3. Return to the home screen, then open the Eventsforce Kiosk app 

  4. Once opened, triple-click the home button so that the ‘Guided Access’ screen appears

  5. Press “Start”

  6. Guided Access mode will begin, and your device will be locked down into one app

  7. To end Guided Access and regain full use of the iPad, triple-click the home button again, enter your chosen passcode and select “End” (top left corner)

Checking the sync status and resetting app data

Once all attendees have checked-in, we recommend ensuring that all data has been synced between the iPads and your main Eventsforce account. You can check this by following these steps:

  1. Open the Eventsforce Kiosk app on your device

  2. Scan the Admin QR code OR tap and hold the banner area for 4 seconds

  3. Enter the Admin QR Code PIN

  4. Locate the “Pending updates to EF” row at the bottom of the ‘Admin screen’ 

  5. If there are pending updates, allow the app time to sync with Eventsforce

  6. If there are no pending updates, use the blue “Reset app data” link to reset all app data

Note: The Admin PIN is required to open the app if the device is powered down or the app is stopped. 

All app data, including pending updates, can be reset without the Admin QR Code PIN. Re-launch the Eventsforce Kiosk app and select “Reset app data” when prompted for the Admin QR Code PIN.

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