Eventsforce provides you with the tools to make exporting abstract submission data simple. There are two options for exporting abstract submissions:

  1. Export abstract data from the “Submissions” management page
  2. Create a report using the “Abstract Submissions” data source

Exporting abstract data from the “Submissions” management page allows you to export the abstract data viewed on screen. The data is limited to the options found in the ‘Display columns’ dropdown. 

Creating a report using the “Abstract Submissions” data source allows you to configure more complex reports as you can include abstract data, main author data, and co-author data, as well as “average review grade”. 

Method #1: Export abstract data to Excel

Event managers can choose to just export the data from the “Submissions” management page. Filters can be used to show data for a single topic, presentation method, and more. Follow the steps below to export abstract submission data to Excel:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Management > Submissions
  2. Adjust your filters as needed
  3. Click the ‘Tools’ dropdown and select “Export results to Excel...”

Method #2: Create a report using “Abstract Submissions” data source

Event managers can create a report using the “Abstract Submissions” data source to report on abstract submission data while having the ability to include main author and co-author data. A report allows for more information to be included, customized column order, and the ability to schedule the report. 

When searching for columns to add to your report, you will see various sections of data: 

  • Abstract Items = columns related to the abstract itself 
  • Abstract Submitter Database Items = columns related to the abstract submitter (person submitting the abstract)
  • Main Author Items = columns related to the main author of the abstract
  • Co Author # items = columns related to the co-author(s) of the abstract, these items will be repeated for the number of co-authors allowed

Tip: You can edit the column name used in the report only. Select one of the ‘Selected Columns’ on the right hand side and click “Edit”. Change the name of the column for reporting purposes. Changes do not affect the actual database item in your event (only for reporting purposes).

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