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How to enable payment methods
How to enable payment methods

Learn how to set up payment methods for your event.

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During event setup, an event manager will need to determine if the event will be free or paid.  When setting up a paid event, Eventsforce provides several payment method options that can be activated, giving attendees different ways to pay for the event. The following payment methods are available in Eventsforce:

  • Check

  • Bank Transfer

  • Invoice

  • Credit card (using a Payment Gateway)

Note:  While Eventsforce will manage balances and payment statuses for attendees, credit card details are not captured within Eventsforce as this data is managed within the payment gateway.

Enabling payment methods

Each event can have different payment methods available. You can enable these payment methods by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup  > Finance > Payment Methods

  2. Select the check box for the payment method(s) you want to make available to attendees

  3. Review dependency settings such as min/max or dependent questions and activate if needed

  4. Click “Save”

Additional settings for payment methods

Once activated, additional settings can be set up in order to customize each payment method.  Below are the options that are available for each payment method:

  • A minimum and maximum value can be set for the availability of each payment method.

  • The availability of each payment method can also be set by a question in the registration process (example: Only if: Country = United Kingdom)

  • Payment details pages can be activated to present specific information or to ask additional questions (example: Customer PO Number)

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