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How to create direct URLs to website pages
How to create direct URLs to website pages

Learn how direct URLs can be created for website pages.

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When using an Eventsforce website, Eventsforce provides direct links to the default pages which can be found by going to Website > Settings > Addresses. If you are creating new website pages, you may want to create direct URLs to these custom pages.

With direct URLs, you can add hyperlinks across your website, emails, or use for testing purposes.

Obtaining the page ID 

Before a direct URL can be created for your website page, the page must first be created in your website. Once created, the page will be assigned a “page ID”. We will need to locate and use this page ID when creating the direct URL.

Follow the steps below to locate the page ID:

  1. Go to Website > Content > Website Pages

  2. Use the “Go to Page” dropdown box and select the website page you want to create a direct URL to

  3. The “Page ID” will appear to the right of the page name in the dropdown box (example: 61892)

  4. Make a note of the page ID for later use 

Creating the direct URL

Once you have the page ID for your website page, the next step is getting the “base URL” for your event. Follow the steps below to find and copy the base URL for your event:

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Addresses

  2. Find the “Direct URL to the Venue page” and copy

Once copied, you can edit the URL by removing the existing page ID at the end and replacing with the page ID for your custom website page.

The final URL will look very similar to the “Direct URL to Venue” page but the ending (page ID) will be different.

Note: We recommend saving the direct URL to a document so that it can easily be accessed going forward.

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