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How to update registration data using person ID
How to update registration data using person ID

Learn how to use personID to update registration data by importing a list.

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There are two situations where you may need to update registration data by importing a list which contains “personID” instead of using “email” or “email2”. This applies in the following scenarios:

  • In an event using “Registration reference” as the identifier and you want to update data for existing registrations

  • In a group registration event where you want to update data for group attendees (when not authenticating group attendees)

In the above scenarios, attendees may not have any email address, or the email may not be unique. A unique “personID” is automatically given to each person who registers and this value can be used to update data during an import. 

Configuring your file

As with all imports, you will need a CSV (comma separated values) or TXT (UTF-16 Unicode Text) file. Your file should contain the following columns:

  • personID

  • firstname

  • lastname

  • email2 (optional)

Note: For group registration events using “Email” as the identifier, use “personID” only, exclude any “Email” columns. It is not possible to update the email for completed registrations with an import. 

You can also include any other columns with data you would like to import into Eventsforce; such as "company", "job title", or "phone number". For more information about format requirements for different question types, read our "Import list of people (Reference)" article.

Once the file is created, view our “How to import a list of people” article and video to learn how to import the file into Eventsforce.

Tip:  If you're running into errors, view our troubleshooting guide below for solutions to common import problems.

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