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How to request payment from unpaid attendees
How to request payment from unpaid attendees

Learn how to email unpaid attendees to request payment.

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When attendees register for paid events, it’s possible they will complete their registration and have an “unpaid” status. An “unpaid” status will be applied in the following scenarios:

  • Paying by invoice

  • Paying by check

  • Paying by bank transfer

  • Failed credit card payment attempt

Note: For invoice, check, and bank transfer payments, the record will show as “paid” once an event manager updates payment in Eventsforce (after payment has been made).

Requesting payment from unpaid attendees

Event managers can easily request payment from unpaid attendees by sending an ad hoc email that contains an amendment link (for credit card payments) or payment instructions for other payment methods. 

The first step would be to create a new ad hoc email by going to Communications > Ad Hoc. When building your email, Eventsforce recommends including the “personal amendment link” (if amendments are allowed), along with payment instructions. Event managers can also include email tags to display “Amount Outstanding”, “Amount Paid”, or “Purchase List”.

Once the ad hoc email is created and tested, event managers can send the email by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Communications > Ad Hoc

  2. Enter a sender email address at the top

  3. Select the ad hoc email you want to send

  4. On the search page, click “Edit” for ‘Who have the following registration options’

  5. Check the boxes for “Unpaid” and “Partially Paid” payment statuses, then click “Continue”

  6. (Optional) Adjust the number of results to be returned at the very bottom of the page to “500” (or any number higher than the total number of registrations)

  7. Click “Search” (or “Save” if you plan on using the search again going forward)

  8. Click the “All” link on the right hand side to select all records, or individually choose the people to be emailed

  9. Click “Proceed”

  10. Click “Proceed” to send the email immediately, or click “Send Later...” to schedule the email

Note: Attendees paying by credit card can use the “personal amendment link” and attempt payment again in Eventsforce. For attendees paying via other methods, a payment update will need to be made by the event manager after receiving payment. 

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