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Why can't I edit my emails?

Learn why emails cannot be edited in your event.

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Event managers may encounter a situation where they are unable to edit any invitation or automatic emails for attendees in their event. The “edit” button will appear greyed out or non selectable. 

The reason why this occurs is the emails for that attendee category are “linked” to another attendee category which may have been turned off.

Note: If you're using group registrations along with the setting to "Allow multiple attendee categories within a registration", all emails will be linked to one category. Before you can take the steps below, you'll need to deactivate this setting, which may require cancelling existing registrations first. 

Making emails available to edit

Event managers can make some quick adjustments in their event to allow emails to be edited as normal. The first step is determining which category the emails are linked to. To do this, hover over the ‘Edit’ button until the message appears:

Once the category is determined, the following adjustments need to be made:

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Categories

  2. Find the category from the previous step and turn the category “On” (if the event is ‘Live’, change the category to “Invitation only”)

  3. Click “Save”

  4. Go to Communications > Automatic

  5. Unlink the emails by changing the ‘Use same email as…’ dropdown to “Unlinked” for all emails

Copying email content

Once the emails have been “Unlinked”, the email content will be blank. Event managers can either choose to re-create the content manually, or open the email for the category that was recently turned on, copy the content and paste into the emails for the original category.

Follow the steps below to copy content from one category to another:

  1. Click to “Edit” the email from the category that was previously turned “Off” (example: New registration email)

  2. Click the ‘Source code’ (<>) button to view the raw HTML code

  3. Copy all the HTML code

  4. Click “Cancel”

  5. Click to “Edit” the email for your default category which is currently blank

  6. Click the ‘Source code’ (<>) button to view the raw HTML code

  7. Paste the HTML code

  8. Enter a ‘Description’ and ‘Subject’ for the email

  9. Click “Save”

Deactivating the category

Once all emails have been updated and can be edited individually, the event manager can turn off the category that was re-enabled. Go to Setup > Event > Categories and change the status back to “Off”.

Going forward

Event managers can avoid encountering this situation going forward by ensuring they select the appropriate ‘Default category’ prior to creating a new event in Eventsforce. This will avoid the necessity of having to deactivate the default category later.

Before creating a new event, verify the default attendee category by going to System settings > Settings > Categories.

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