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How to set up attendee categories
How to set up attendee categories

Learn how attendee categories can be used in your event.

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Attendee categories in Eventsforce are set up at the account level and are available to all events. Event managers can control which categories are active within each event. 

Activating different attendee categories enables the event manager to allow:

  • different capacities to be set per attendee category

  • different questions or text items on registration pages to be set

  • different registration pages to be shown to different attendee categories

  • restrict the availability of sessions to specific categories

  • different prices to be applied to different categories

  • automatic and invitation emails to be customized to each category

  • different website pages shown to different attendee categories (requires private website and pin, or use of personal links)

Adding attendee categories

New attendee categories are usually set up by a user with administrator access rights, as the user needs access to “Attendee Categories” within the “System settings” menu. 

Take the steps below to add a new attendee category to your Eventsforce account:

  1. Go to System settings (cog icon) > Settings > Attendee Categories

  2. Click “Add” in the top left

  3. Enter a name for your new attendee category (this name may be visible during attendee registration)

  4. Click “OK”

Note: The category marked as “Default” will be the default category used when creating any new events. Duplicating an event will copy over the same categories settings from the duplicated event. 

Activating the attendee category in your event

After adding categories to your account, these categories can be made active in your events. The event manager can pick and choose which attendee categories are activated in each event.

Follow the steps below to activate an attendee category in the event:

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Categories

  2. Change the drop-down box from “Off” to “On” OR “Invitation only” for an attendee category

  3. Click “Save”


  • You can adjust the order of active attendee categories by dragging and dropping using the arrow on the left hand side

  • A category cannot be turned “Off” if it is currently being linked to in a price, email, or registration page. Hover over the “Status” dropdown box for more information

  • The category marked as “Default” at the account level (System settings > Settings > Attendee Categories) will be the only active category when creating a new event

  • Changing the name of an attendee category will effect all events using that category

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