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How and when to use award sections
How and when to use award sections

Learn when to use award sections in your event.

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Within an awards event, event managers can activate award sections for the purpose of categorizing award categories and applying restrictions. A key benefit of using award sections is that event managers can enforce a minimum and maximum number of awards entries that can be submitted in each section. 

While a minimum number of entries can be specified, award submitters are not “forced” to create an entry in a section. The minimum only applies once an entry has been created in a section. 

Note: The “Use Sections” setting becomes “locked” once an entry is submitted. This setting can only be adjusted prior to entries being submitted. If entries have already been submitted, you can archive/delete all entries and adjust the setting.

When to use award sections

Event managers can enable award sections if they want to use the same award category name in different sections (example: Two award categories called “Best new invention” can be created and assigned to different award sections). Award section can also be used to enforce a limit as to the number of entries that can be submitted across all categories in an award section. 

How to add award sections

Before sections can be added, the setting to ‘Use Sections’ must first be enabled. Take the following steps to activate “Sections” in the event: 

  1. Go to Awards > Setup > Settings

  2. Select the “Use Sections” checkbox

  3. Click “Save”

Once “Use Sections” has been activated, event managers can begin adding sections by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Awards > Setup > Sections

  2. Click “Add” in the top left

  3. Enter a ‘Description’ for the section

  4. (Optional) Enter a minimum number of entries

  5. (Optional) Enter a maximum number of entries

  6. Click “Save”

Assigning award categories to sections

Once sections are created in the event, the next step is to create award categories. When using sections in your event, you can assign award categories to each section. 

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