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How to submit an award entry
How to submit an award entry

Learn how your attendees submit award entries.

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When a person begins a registration in an awards event, they become an award submitter with the ability to create award entries into award categories. 

The entry creation process award submitters go through will depend on how the award management settings were configured. For example, submitters may be limited to creating a single entry per award category, be required to upload a file as part of their entry, or visit a category interest page.

Note: Event managers can test their event by creating an admin registration, using the direct URL to registration, homepage URL, or sending themselves an invitation email. 

Submitting award entries

The exact pages your submitters will see when creating award entries will depend on the award management settings. During the award submission process, award submitters may see the following pages:

  1. New registration email page (not shown if ‘personal’ link is used)

  2. Award submitter details page (Website > Content > Registration Pages)

  3. Award summary page (includes ‘sections’ if enabled)

  4. Award entry details page (Awards > Setup > Categories)

  5. Registration details/Basket page

  6. Purchase receipt/Confirmation page

Note: To make the award entry process easier for submitters, Eventsforce recommends using the “personal” links in the invitation and the password reset email.

Maximum awards entry size

The maximum size for an award entry is 50MB, which is the total for all files in the entry. For videos, we recommend submitters upload to YouTube and provide a link.

Where the video is uploaded directly as an .mp4, the video file together with supporting files of the entry must not exceed 50MB. If only a video is submitted, the size can be up to 50MB.

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