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How to use the awards category interest screen
How to use the awards category interest screen

Learn how to use the category interest screen in awards events.

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The awards category interest screen is an extra page that can be enabled by event managers to collect data on which award categories generate the most interest. Award submitters can indicate their interest in award categories without submitting any awards. 

By default, the award category interest screen is disabled in awards events. To enable this page, event managers can go to Awards > Setup > Settings, and check the box to “Use the category interest screen”. 

Award category interest screen

When the award category interest screen is enabled, submitters will see the category interest page at the beginning of the entry submission process. Submitters can select the checkbox for all categories they are interested in. 

Reporting on category interest data

The category interest data is stored against each submitter rather than each award entry. Event managers can extract this data from Eventsforce by doing the following:

  1. Go to Awards > Management > Entries

  2. Select the checkbox labeled “Interested people with no submissions”

  3. Click “Search”

  4. Select the “Excel” button in the top left to export data to excel

Note: The amount of data available about the submitter will depend on whether they fill out the submitter details page and proceed. At a minimum, ‘email’ (or main identifier) will be captured. 

Lists of people

In addition to the reporting option above, Eventsforce will automatically create a list of people for each award category in the event. The list of people will contain any submitters who expressed interest in the category. 

The lists can be found by going to People > Lists. Each list of people can then be exported, referenced in a search, or used when building a report.

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