Worldpay is one of the payment gateways that can be integrated with Eventsforce. While Worldpay offers a number of gateway options, Eventsforce only integrates with the Business Gateway. You can apply for a Worldpay account from their website.

In order to accept online credit card payments via the Worldpay payment gateway, the “Worldpay” gateway must be included as part of your Eventsforce license. For more information, please contact your account manager or

Setting up Worldpay 

  1. Log into the Worldpay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) 

  2. Select “Installations” from the left hand side menu

  3. Click the ‘Settings’ icon’ to edit your “Integration Setup: TEST”

  4. Enter the Payment response URL as https://<WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>

To find more details, please refer to the Worldpay guide here.

Locating Worldpay gateway credentials

To link your Worldpay gateway to Eventsforce, you will need the below Worldpay credentials:

  • Worldpay Merchant ID

  • Worldpay Installation ID

You can find these values in Worldpay by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into the Worldpay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) 

  2. Select “Installations” from the left hand side menu

  3. Click the ‘cog icon’ to edit your “Integration Setup: TEST”

  4. Make note of the “Installation ID” which is your “Worldpay Installation ID”

  5. Make note of the “Administration Code” which is your “Worldpay Merchant ID”

Setting up a test event in Eventsforce

If you have already used Worldpay for credit card processing against live events in Eventsforce, you do not need to set up a test event.

If this is your first time using Worldpay for live credit card transactions, Worldpay will need an Eventsforce event to log into for the purpose of testing the integration. Rather than giving Worldpay access to a real event that could contain a complicated registration process, create a test event with a basic registration form:

  1. Create a new event by clicking the “+” icon in the top left and selecting “Event”

  2. Use a start date that is at least 6 months in the future

  3. Change the “Cost” to “Paid”

  4. Go to Setup > Finance > Prices and add an entire event price of £1.00

  5. Go to Setup > Finance > Payment Methods

  6. Select “Worldpay” as your payment gateway

  7. Click “Save” to display the Worldpay fields

  8. Select “Test Transactions Only”

  9. Enter the “WorldPay Merchant ID” (see in Worldpay as “Administration Code”)

  10. Enter the “WorldPay Installation ID” 

  11. If you have more than one Merchant ID in your Worldpay account, enter the one you require the funds to go into within “Preferred Worldpay Account ID (Optional):“

  12. Click “Save”

  13. Add address questions to the event (Address Line 1, Town, Postcode, Country) to the event and make them ‘mandatory’

Worldpay Compliance

There are a number of criteria (explained here) that must be met for Worldpay to activate the Worldpay account:

  • Clearly displayed products and prices

  • Clearly displayed refund policy shown to registration contact before reaching the basket page

  • Logos for accepted credit cards clearly displayed on the basket page

  • The "Payments Powered by Worldpay" logo clearly displayed on the basket page

  • Clearly displayed company details including your company's registration name, place of registration, registered office address (inc. main country of domicile), registered number, a contact telephone number, and an email address (the email address displayed should match the address given to Worldpay, which is quoted in receipts)

Adding logos to your basket page in Eventsforce

The “Payments Powered by Worldpay” logo and logos for the accepted credit cards must appear on the basket page. For more information, find the “How to add card logos to your website” section on the Worldpay website

The steps below can be used to add content to your event’s check out page:

  1. Go to Website > Content > Website Pages 

  2. Select “Basket Checkout page” from the dropdown in the top left 

  3. Hover over “Add Here” and select “Text block”

  4. Click on “Advanced” and select “Allow custom HTML code”

  5. Click on the source code "<>" icon 

  6. Paste the code, click “Ok”

  7. Click “Save”

Testing the Registration Process

The event can now be tested to see if the Worldpay integration has been successful. In the ‘Test Environment’ you are actually using a complete, working environment, which behaves in exactly the same way as the ‘Production Environment’, except that no money is actually transferred when you submit transactions. There is no risk of accidentally triggering a live transaction until you, the client, and Worldpay have agreed that you are ready to go live.

If you try to submit a live payment before the account is live, you will receive an error message telling you that there are no appropriate accounts to process your payment. 

Follow the steps below to create a test payment:

  1. Use the “Preview and Test event website” icon OR go to Website > Settings > Addresses and use the ‘Direct URL to Registration”

  2. Go through the registration process adding test data

  3. On the basket checkout page, select “Credit card” as the payment method

  4. Click “Pay Now” (Eventsforce will connect with Worldpay. This may take a few seconds)

  5. Select a card type

  6. Enter the relevant test card number (see below)

  7. Complete the other mandatory fields entering test data

  8. Click “Make Payment”

  9. The successful payment page will be displayed

  10. Click the “Click here to see your purchase receipt” hyperlink to be redirected back to the Eventsforce receipt page

Note: The example GIF above does not show card logos on the website. For more information, find the “How to add card logos to your website” section on the Worldpay website

Test card numbers

Click here to view the credit card numbers Worldpay provides for testing. 

Worldpay Production Environment

When you have finished integrating your site with Worldpay's payment gateway, and have sent successful test transactions to Worldpay, you are ready to request that Worldpay activate your installation. Worldpay will confirm your activation request by email, and when satisfied with your technical integration, will set your site live. You can find more instructions here.

You will need to enter instructional text for Worldpay to test the integration (example below):

  1. Click “Register”

  2. Enter a test email address

  3. Click “Proceed”

  4. Enter a ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’

  5. Check the ‘Terms and conditions’ tick box

  6. Click “Proceed”

  7. Select the “Credit card” radio button

  8. Click “Pay Now” 

If all parts of the form have been completed successfully, an email will automatically be sent to Worldpay and if there are integration issues you will be notified by them. The activation process can take 3–5 working days.

After Activation

Once Worldpay activates your account you are ready to start taking online payments. You will need to do the following in all the events you wish to take online payments:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Payment Methods

  2. Select “Worldpay” as your payment gateway

  3. Click “Save”

  4. Select “Live Transactions”

  5. Enter your Worldpay Merchant and Installation IDs (these can be copied from the test event)

  6. Click “Save”

Note: The credit card option will not be available for selection during registration until credentials are entered into the fields described above.

Automatic Emails

When attendees register and pay successfully, they will receive the automatic “new registration” email by default. There are two additional emails that can be activated; the “Card payment failure” and “Card payment acceptance” email. Automatic emails for online payments can be set up in Eventsforce by taking the steps below:

  1. Go to Communications > Automatic

  2. Locate the “Card payment acceptance” and “Card payment failure” notification templates

  3. If you require anyone paying by card to receive these emails click “Edit” and compose the email as required using the relevant tags

  4. The “Worldpay Transaction ID” can be included in the email by inserting the “Payment Gateway Transaction ID” tag

  5. Click “Save”

  6. Select the “Active” checkbox for the email 

  7. Click “Save”

Note: If the attendee’s card payment fails, they will not receive the automatic “New registration” email but will be sent the “Card payment failure” notification. If the “Card payment acceptance” email is active, attendees will receive two emails for successful payment. 

Testing Your Event

Always test your event before launching. The Worldpay process will begin after “Pay Now” is clicked on the basket page. All registrations will be displayed as “Paid” in the backend of Eventsforce when a successful credit card payment is made. A failed credit card payment for any reason will trigger the “Card payment failure” email (if active) and the attendee will have a payment status of “Unpaid”. 

For more information about why the card payment failed, read “Why did the card payment fail?”.

Audit Trail

The Worldpay payment process is captured in the Eventsforce audit trail. View the audit trail by taking the steps below:

  1. Go to People > Registrations

  2. Double click the registration OR click the “Edit” icon

  3. Scroll down the page to view the audit trail

  4. If there are any issues with the payment, the audit trail can be checked to see if there were any errors with the Worldpay transaction


Eventsforce does not issue live credit card refunds. All refunds must be issued directly through Worldpay. Registrations can be cancelled in Eventsforce by taking the steps below: 

  1. Go to People > Registrations

  2. Double click the registration OR click the ‘Edit’ icon

  3. Select “Cancel Registration

  4. Proceed with the cancellation until you reach the cancellation confirmed screen

  5. The registration balance will update based on any cancellation fees

  6. Process a refund directly in Worldpay

  7. Update the payment for the attendee in Eventsforce to correct the balance due

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