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3rd/17th November and 08Dec 2023

Date format when exporting to Excel

We corrected an issue with date/time formatting when exporting to Excel. Now all of your dates and time fields will retain the expected formatting.

4th August 2023

Abstract ordering

We corrected an issue which was preventing you from properly ordering abstracts in your event.

23rd June 2023

Google Analytics 4 update

We now support Google Analytics 4. If you haven't already upgraded, please do so by 01Jul to prevent any gaps in your data. There are some differences to look out for. Please check out Google's articles on GA4.

Once you have a GA4 Measurement ID, go to Website Settings > Addresses to change from your Universal Analytics token to the new one.

2nd June 2023

New Payment Gateway

No longer will Eventsforce have to build and maintain multiple one-off payment gateways. This change allows a long list of payment providers to be utilized using your existing account with them. This will also help you to stay up to date with the latest fraud tools and functionality updates for payment providers around the globe.

14th August 2022

New Kiosk badge size

We have added a new kiosk badge size to the on-site kiosk. This badge is 4” x 3” and allows 5 lines of content and a QR code.

New Kiosk version 1.1.5

We have released a new version of the ‘EF Kiosk’ iPadOS app. Version 1.1.5 includes new test badges and a new 30 second minimum data sync time allowing newly registered or updated attendees to proceed more to quickly to check-in. The previous minimum data sync time was 60 seconds.

3rd July 2022

Admin Portal Login page

We have updated the login pages for the Admin Portal to incorporate a new look. This is also extended to some system admin emails and website footers.

12th June 2022

Editing Kiosk banner images

We are adding the ability to upload any image size and crop it for the banner and footer images in the On-site Kiosk

Base URL for API access

We have included on the User Details page the base URL for your account. This value is needed when building integrations through our Public API.

1st May 2022

Disabled SEO in Classic

We have removed the feature "Single Event Domain" as this causes issues with modern browsers. Existing single event domains will continue to work.

Admin user system emails get new look

We have updated the admin emails for new admin users and for admin user password reset requests.

16th January 2022

EF Attendance app v2.2

We have changed the Eventsforce iOS app EF Attendance to work solely with event Admin QR codes. We have removed the events list and manual API input to improve security and usability.

14th November 2021

Ticket number in Dynamic Reports

We have added the column ticket number to the data sources Attendees and Registrations in Dynamic reports. This enables the reporting of an attendee’s ticket number alongside other event information.

API and Event Access Groups

We have completed the planned change to restrict data on the API by Event Access Group. This applied to GET, POST and PATCH on the resources: Events, Attendees, AllAttendees and Sessions resources. See our API documentation for more information.

24th October 2021

New API resource for Attendees in large events

We have created a new API resource “attendeelist.json” for external systems to access event attendees. This has the same filtering as the attendees.json resource, but instead returns results paginated with a maximum of 500 records per page.

Ticket Number visible when recording attendance

We have added the attendee Ticket Number to the Day Attendance and Session Attendance pages. An attendee can be searched by their ticket number on these pages.

22nd August 2021

API - Payments timestamp

We have added the payment timestamp to the API Payments resource. This gives the time the payment was recorded to external systems.

1st August 2021

New Kiosk badge type

We have introduced a new Kiosk badge type “102mm x 152mm (4” x 6”)”. This badge type enables more space for custom branding and sponsorship opportunities.

Check-in only Kiosk mode

We have introduced a “Check-in Only” mode to the Eventsforce Kiosk. In this mode attendance for the current event day is recorded but no badge is printed.

Issuer Identity for Single Sign-on

We have added the read-only input for “Issuer (entity ID)”. This can be used by your IT department to set up Admin Portal or event website single sign-on with providers like Google or Microsoft Azure. This saves the user from having to enter their username and password every time they visit Eventsforce.

18th April 2021

Registration Audit filtering

We have added the ability to filter by date/time on the data source Registration Audit.

New QR code format

We are using a new QR code format that works with the Eventsforce Kiosk and Attendance apps. Old QR codes will still work on both apps.

New version of the app EF attendance

We have released a new version of the iOS app “EF attendance”. In v2.1.6 we have enabled the QR code reader to scan the new QR code format.

28th March 2021

Managing registrations in large events

We have implemented some changes to the Registrations page for events with more than 2000 people. These changes improve the speed of key functions including searching and filtering. If your event gets to this size, the page will initially load the first 200 results. More results can be viewed on subsequent pages. The simplified search and filtering controls are in a new panel above.

New API resource for unsubscribed email addresses

We have added a new resource to the API to access and update the list of unsubscribed email addresses in Eventsforce. This new resource enables external systems to see which email addresses are unsubscribed and to edit this list.

14th February 2021

Date/Time filtering of Invoices and Payments (176040156)

We have added filtering of financial reports by a specific time as well as date. Filtering by invoice creation date/time can now be added in the data source Invoices and by payment date/time in the data source Payments.

31st January 2021

Removal of Support button (176208336)

We have removed the support button from the admin portal. To access the support service, please select the chat function in the bottom right of the admin portal.

Logout button moved to the System setting menu (176208336)

We have moved the logout button from the top right of the admin portal. It can now be found at the bottom of the System setting menu. This change is to make way for future changes to the admin portal.

1st January 2021

EF Attendance app v2.1.4 (176035301)

We are publishing a new version of the app EF Attendance to the Apple App Store. Version 2.1.4 will end support for devices running iOS and iPadOS v13.7 and earlier.

20th December 2020

Abstract files added to the API (172793027)

On the Eventsforce API, we have made available any uploaded abstract files or uploaded papers. These appear as separate URLs within the Sessions resource when an abstract is included in a session.

7th June 2020

Personal Agenda Link (172821886)

We have added the new merge tag "Personal Agenda Link" to the email editor. This personal link, when clicked, sends the attendee directly to the website agenda where they will see their sessions and any virtual event content.

24th May 2020

Session video URLs preview (172537646)

We have added the ability to preview and test the session URL video icons and buttons prior to the event dates.

26th April 2020

Session video URLs for registered attendees (172121040)

We have added two new settings to the sessions in the agenda to support virtual content delivery. The inputs for live and recorded video URLs give content access to registered attendees.

Session video URLs added to the API (172121186)

We have added these two new properties to the Sessions resource in the API.

12th April 2020

Events menu item (171810917)

We have extended the list in the Events menu in the Admin Portal. The "Select a recent event:" feature will now display up to ten previously selected events.

1st March 2020

EF Kiosk printer support (168373007)

We have updated the iOS app to version 1.0.7 to support Zebra ZD500 printers that print at 203 dots per inch.

Update to the EF Attendance App (170927858)

We have updated the app EF Attendance to version 2.1.3. This introduces a ‘cancel’ function when scanning walk-ins.

Invoice API addition (170994337)

We have added the database item Invoice Details Work Telephone No to the Invoices resource in the API.

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