14th February 2021

Date/Time filtering of Invoices and Payments (176040156)

We have added filtering of financial reports by a specific time as well as date. Filtering by invoice creation date/time can now be added in the data source Invoices and by payment date/time in the data source Payments.

31st January 2021

Removal of Support button (176208336)

We have removed the support button from the admin portal. To access the support service, please select the chat function in the bottom right of the admin portal.

Logout button moved to the System setting menu (176208336)

We have moved the logout button from the top right of the admin portal. It can now be found at the bottom of the System setting menu. This change is to make way for future changes to the admin portal.

1st January 2021

EF Attendance app v2.1.4 (176035301)

We are publishing a new version of the app EF Attendance to the Apple App Store. Version 2.1.4 will end support for devices running iOS and iPadOS v13.7 and earlier.

20th December 2020

Abstract files added to the API (172793027)

On the Eventsforce API, we have made available any uploaded abstract files or uploaded papers. These appear as separate URLs within the Sessions resource when an abstract is included in a session.

7th June 2020

Personal Agenda Link (172821886)

We have added the new merge tag "Personal Agenda Link" to the email editor. This personal link, when clicked, sends the attendee directly to the website agenda where they will see their sessions and any virtual event content.

24th May 2020

Session video URLs preview (172537646)

We have added the ability to preview and test the session URL video icons and buttons prior to the event dates.

26th April 2020

Session video URLs for registered attendees (172121040)

We have added two new settings to the sessions in the agenda to support virtual content delivery. The inputs for live and recorded video URLs give content access to registered attendees.

Session video URLs added to the API (172121186)

We have added these two new properties to the Sessions resource in the API.

12th April 2020

Events menu item (171810917)

We have extended the list in the Events menu in the Admin Portal. The "Select a recent event:" feature will now display up to ten previously selected events.

1st March 2020

EF Kiosk printer support (168373007)

We have updated the iOS app to version 1.0.7 to support Zebra ZD500 printers that print at 203 dots per inch.

Update to the EF Attendance App (170927858)

We have updated the app EF Attendance to version 2.1.3. This introduces a ‘cancel’ function when scanning walk-ins.

Invoice API addition (170994337)

We have added the database item Invoice Details Work Telephone No to the Invoices resource in the API.

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