How do attendees access the VCD (Virtual Content Delivery)?

Learn how to give attendees access to the VCD for virtual content.

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When using Eventsforce for event registration, the attendee must first register for the event before they can access the VCD platform. Once registered, the data will be passed over to the VCD. This generally happens within an hour, please confirm the integration configuration with your CSM.

For clients who are not using Eventsforce for event registration, the attendee will need to be imported into the VCD platform via a CSV file or added manually. More information on how to add attendees can be found here.

Once the attendee exists in the VCD platform, the event manager can send an invitation email to the attendee from within the VCD admin portal.

Note: If the event uses ‘Companies’ and allows companies to manage their own profile, please read our article titled “How can companies manage their own profile in the VCD?”.

Accessing the VCD event as an attendee

Attendees can access the VCD from a link provided via email, or a public link on a website. As the VCD event content will be unique to each attendee based on their interests and session selections, each attendee is required to login to the VCD platform. The login process will appear as follows:

  1. Send invitation email to attendees from the VCD event

  2. Attendee clicks link to visit VCD event

Note: Please speak with your VCD client success manager about auto invites after the first batch is sent.

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