How to engage attendees and moderate engagement in the VCD event?

Learn how to engage with attendees in the VCD with broadcast messages and moderate posts.

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Event managers can use the “Engage” feature in the VCD to engage with attendees by creating and sending broadcast messages to deliver useful information. In addition, event managers can access all posts created in the VCD by users for the purpose of moderating or removing unwanted content.

A ‘Broadcast Message’ is an email that can be scheduled to send to all attendees or filtered to specific groups or types of people. Broadcast messages are delivered to the end user’s email inbox.

A ‘Post’ is anything added to your VCD by a user, including comments, status updates, twitter posts, and forum topics.

Note: Scheduled broadcast messages can be deleted/amended up until the scheduled date/time.

Creating and scheduling broadcast messages

Event managers must first access the admin portal of the VCD in order to access the ‘Engage’ feature. Once logged in, event managers can take the following steps to manage or create new broadcast messages:

  1. Hover over the vertical menu bar on the left hand side

  2. Select Engage > Broadcast Messages

  3. Click “Create” to add a new message

  4. (Optional) Filter by ‘Membership’, selecting either “Anyone” or “Selected Roles”, if using “Selected” roles, pick and choose the role types that should be included

  5. (Optional) Filter by ‘User state’, select “All” to include everyone

  6. (Optional) Filter by ‘Status’ of the user, select “All” to include everyone

  7. (Optional) Filter by ‘Session attendees’ to contact attendees who registered for a specific session

  8. (Optional) Filter by ‘Session check ins’ to contact attendees who checked-in to a specific session

  9. (Optional) Filter by ‘Interests’ by adding interests to the ‘Selected Tags’ side

Note: As filters are adjusted, the “Total Recipients” number will automatically update showing how many people will receive the message.

Managing posts

VCD users have the ability to create posts in a social stream for the overall event, individual sessions, as well as create forums and add comments within those forums. Event managers have the ability to moderate these posts, allowing them to remove anything that is unwanted, such as offensive content. To manage posts, take the following steps:

  1. Hover over the vertical menu bar on the left hand side

  2. Select Engage > Posts

  3. Search for a specific post by typing keywords into the ‘Search’ bar OR select a type of post on the left hand side

  4. Select the checkbox for one or multiple posts to be deleted

  5. Click “Delete” towards to top to remove the posts

Note: Select “Reported abuse” to find the posts that have been reported as ‘abusive’ by other users.

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