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Google analytics in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Google analytics in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Learn how to track website activity with Google Analytics 4.
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Eventsforce offers event managers a way to track website activity for their events by using ‘Google Analytics 4’. When the Google Analytics option is used, Eventsforce places tracking code on each website page and modals within pages. Activity and statistics can then be viewed within the Google Analytics account.

Note: Eventsforce supports Google Analytics 4. Eventsforce does not support Google tag manager, or Global site tags.

This article will cover:

Creating a Google Analytics account

First, event managers will need to create a Google Analytics account if one does not already exist. The next step is to create a property and add a data stream to the property:

  1. Within the Google Analytics dashboard, go to Admin > Data Streams

  2. Click “Add Stream” and select “Web”

  3. Enter “” as the ‘Website URL’

  4. Enter a ‘Stream name’ such as “Eventsforce”

  5. Click “Create Stream”

Once the data stream has been created, event managers will need to obtain the “Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID”. This value begins with a “G-” and may look like “G-97VLZV4FDR”. Copy this value.

Note: Only one web stream is needed for all Eventsforce events. The event name will appear in Google Analytics reports.

Adding the Google Analytics Measurement ID in Eventsforce

Eventsforce allows for a single Google Analytics Measurement ID to be added to the Eventsforce account. One Google Analytics account can be used for up to 500 events and up to 25 parameters per event. To add the measurement ID, take the following steps:

  1. Go to System Settings (cog icon) > Settings > System settings

  2. Locate the “Google Analytics” panel

  3. Paste the measurement ID copied previously

  4. Click “Save”

Note: The same Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID will be used for all Eventsforce events. It is not possible to use a different GA4 measurement ID for each event.

Final steps

Once the Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID has been added to the Eventsforce account, Eventsforce will automatically add tracking code to all website pages for all events. Data may take up to 48 hours before appearing in the Google Analytics reports.

The ‘Event name’ used in Eventsforce will appear in your Google analytics reports allowing event managers to distinguish between data for different events. In addition, the page names will also appear in Google Analytics reports.

Event managers can configure separate “views” in the Google Analytics account so data can be shared with stakeholders.

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