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Groups & Ticketing - Self-service (attendee) mode
Groups & Ticketing - Self-service (attendee) mode

Learn the booker and attendee journeys for group registration in self-service mode.

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This article will focus on the “self-service” group registration option. If you have not done so already, please read our article “Concept of Groups & Ticketing” for an overview of group registration options. This article will cover the following:

The “self-service” group booking mode allows the booker to purchase tickets and invite attendees to manage their registration and schedules in Eventsforce. Bookers can pass the responsibility of data and schedule management to the attendees.

Even when using the “self-service” option, the booker can still enter data and book sessions on behalf of the attendees.

Enabling the “self-service” (attendee) group registration option

The event manager must enable the “Groups +” setting found on the Setup > Event > Properties page:

Note: Event managers can adjust these settings at any time in the registration process.

Booker’s journey

When “Attendee” is enabled, the booker will encounter the following pages:

  1. Ticket selection

  2. Checkout page

  3. Booker’s Details modal

  4. Payment modal (if applicable)

  5. Summary page

  6. Invitations page

  7. Attendees page (optional)

  8. Checkout page

The booker can purchase tickets and invite attendees to enter their information. The completion of the order will be determined by the “The order is considered to be complete” setting.

Even if attendees are invited, the booker can always enter attendee details or manage the agenda on behalf of the attendee.

Inviting attendees

Once tickets have been booked/purchased, the booker can click “Invite” to begin inviting attendees, OR they can exit and amend the booker later to invite attendees.

Selecting “Invite” will take the booker to the “Invitations” page, which will have an “email address” field for each ‘person ticket’ booked.

If inviting attendees to enter their information, the booker should enter the attendees' email addresses on this page.

If entering data on behalf of one or more attendees, the booker can click on the “Attendees” page and begin entering data for each person ticket.

If the booker is also attending the event, they should leave one blank email field and visit the “Attendees” page to enter their information.

Note: Eventsforce assumes the booker is not attending the event. The booker must have a ‘person ticket’ if attending the event. Only those with a ‘person ticket’ can attend the event.

Once email addresses have been entered, the booker can click "Preview Email" to view the system invitation email sent to attendees. The booker can then click “Send Invitations”. A pop-up will appear to select which attendees to invite, and a confirmation message will appear confirming how many emails were sent. The booker will then reach the checkout page where they can finalize any outstanding payment, add/remove tickets (if allowed), or visit the “Attendees” page to add information.

If the booker needs to add themselves as an attendee or wants to view the attendee information, they can click the “Attendees” page if still within the booking. If the ‘Summary’ page is reached, the booker can click “Back” in their browser or log in to an existing booking.

Attendee’s journey

Attendees will receive an invitation email with a “Complete your details” link. The invitation email provides the event name and the name of the booker who sent the invitation.

After clicking the link, the attendee will be taken to the event website to enter their information and book sessions (if applicable). The attendee’s journey is more limited when compared to the booker.

Attendees can enter their personal information and book sessions but cannot change the email address associated with their registration.

Note: Attendees should contact the booker if the email address needs to be changed.

Once the registration details have been entered, a confirmation email will be sent to the attendee. If the event manager allows, the attendee can return to their registration to change data or booked sessions.

Booking sessions as an attendee

If the event contains published bookable sessions, attendees will have the ability to select sessions during registration.

When sessions exist, the attendee will see an “Agenda” page during registration.

Sessions will not appear or will be unavailable to add in the following scenarios:

  • Session includes a price (only the booker can book priced sessions for attendees)

  • Session is not available to the attendee's category type

  • Session is not occurring on the event day that the ticket is associated with

  • Session has reached total capacity

  • Another session has been booked at the same date/time

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