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Using Zapier integrations with Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Using Zapier integrations with Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing

Obtain the credentials needed for your Zapier integration.

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Eventsforce has an app available in Zapier to allow for integrations with other Zapier apps. Before using Zapier for integrations, you will need to create a Zapier user role with the necessary API access. This article will cover the following:

Note: The 'Zapier Integration' must be enabled in your account to integrate with Zapier apps. Please contact Eventsforce support or your account manager for more information.

Creating a Zapier user role

The first step is creating a user role with the necessary API permissions. That user role can then be assigned to an existing user, or a new user specifically configured for Zapier integrations. To set up the Zapier user role, take the following steps:

  1. Go to System settings (cog icon) > Security > Roles

  2. Create a new role with a name such as “Zapier integration”

  3. Search for the “API Resource: All Attendees - Read” function and select it

  4. Use the ‘Tools’ dropdown and select “Activate…”

  5. Click “Save”

Note: No other functions are necessary for this role.

Setting up a Zapier user

The Zapier user role created can be added to an existing user, or follow the steps in our existing articles to add a new user, assign the Zapier user role, provide access to the “All Events” access group, and generate an API key.

Note: If adding the role to an existing user, make sure the user is assigned the “All Events” access group, as the API Base URL returns data for all events by default.

Credentials for Zapier integrations

When setting up a Zap using the Eventsforce app, you will be required to enter the following information:

  • API Key - obtained from user profile (see here)

  • API Base URL

The API Key is associated with the API user profile that is set up in your account. Please note the API key should be treated like a password and should not be sent over email.

The API Base URL is below, but will need to be modified for your account:

Replace the “accountname” text with your account name. This value can be found in the URL when logged into Eventsforce (the part after “”). This generally matches your company name or a shortened version of it.

Note: The API Key and API Base URL only need to be entered once. Once connected to your Eventsforce account, further zaps can be built without entering these details.

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