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How to set up the Salesforce plugin
How to set up the Salesforce plugin

Learn how to link your Eventsforce account to your Salesforce account.

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Eventsforce offers a Salesforce plugin which can be used to easily pass data from Eventsforce to Salesforce as attendees register. Salesforce data can also be passed to Eventsforce by importing Salesforce campaigns.

Note: The integration is set up as a one way integration, with data going from Eventsforce to Salesforce.  Changes made to contacts or leads in Salesforce do not reflect in Eventsforce. 

If you have not yet added the Salesforce plugin to your Eventsforce license, please contact Eventsforce support for next steps.

Enabling Salesforce for your Eventsforce account

Once the plugin has been made available to your account, you can enter your Salesforce credentials by taking the below steps:

  1. Go to System settings (cog) > Salesforce > Settings

  2. Enter your Salesforce credentials (username, password, security token)

  3. Select your Salesforce environment (production or sandbox)

  4. Click "Test"

  5. Click "Save"

  6. Change the integration status to "On"

If your "test" fails, you may need to verify your credentials or reset the security token in Salesforce. 

Tip: Once enabled for the account, you can customize when records update as well as configure the "Field mappings".

Enabling Salesforce for your Eventsforce event

Salesforce can be enabled for selected events only within your account. Follow the steps below within the event you want to enable Salesforce for::

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Properties

  2. Scroll down to the '' section and change the value to "On"

  3. Click "Save"

Once enabled, attendee data will now start to pass through to Salesforce based on your configuration. 

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