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How to send the invoice email (batch emails)
How to send the invoice email (batch emails)

Learn how to send invoices to attendees via batch emails.

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When using "Batch emails" as the invoice delivery method, you will be able to send an invoice email to all who have not yet been provided their invoice. The instructions below instruct you on sending the "unprinted" or "unsent" invoices to attendees. 

Email invoice run

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Invoice Run

  2. Locate "Email invoice run (emails unsent invoices/credit notes)" and select "Go..."

  3. Choose whether or not the invoices should be marked as "Sent" 

  4. Click "Submit" to send the emails

  5. Verify how many emails were sent, and click "OK"

You can choose to repeat this process throughout your registration period, or send all invoices towards the end of your registration period. 

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