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Reporting tips (Webinar)

A webinar explaining how to group results, schedule reports, and use split & count.

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Eventsforce has multiple features that allow you to report on data in your events. For example, you can:

  1. Export most of the charts from the dashboard

  2. Export lists based on filter selections by going to People > Registrations

  3. Use the search feature to specify filters, options and columns

However, you may require additional flexibility to generate reports, such as changing the order of columns or scheduling reports to emailed to recipients at specific intervals. In these instances, the reporting tool will provide you with the functionality you require.

In this webinar (password: Efclient15) we will look at:

  1. Grouping results

  2. Scheduling reports to be emailed

  3. Counting items, days and nights

Prior to creating a report, you need to be aware of how they are built as you will be prompted to make decisions about the data source, filters, and columns during the creation process.

  • The data source is what data or information/metrics you would like to see. For example; attendees, registrations, payments, events

  • A filter is how you would like the information to be broken down. For example; by a specific event, across multiple events, by date

  • Columns are how you would like the information to be organized 

Note: Split&count works for event-specific reports where the filter is set to "In Event - Equal to - specific event:"

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