Eventsforce provides you with tools to make exporting abstract review data simple. There are two options for exporting abstract reviews:

  1. Export review data to excel from the “Reviews” management page
  2. Create a report using the “Abstract Reviews” data source

Exporting review data from the “Reviews” management page only allows exporting of the information displayed on screen. When exporting data, you will have the option to filter the reviews by topic, reviewer, review dates, and review status. Use this export method to quickly get review data out of Eventsforce. 

Creating a report using the “Abstract reviews” data source allows you to include reviewer information, review data, as well as abstract document information. Use the report method to build more complex reports or have the report sent automatically by email at a given interval.

Method #1: Export review data to excel

Event managers can choose to just export the overall grade and comment, or can export all review criteria grades and comments (if review criteria was used). Follow the steps below to export review data to excel:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Management > Reviews
  2. Adjust your filters as needed
  3. (Optional) Select the setting to “Show all reviewing criteria?” to also show grades/comments for all review criteria (if used)
  4. Click "Search"
  5. Click "Excel" to export and download the data to an Excel spreadsheet

Tip: In addition to exporting to an Excel spreadsheet, you can have the data printed. Follow steps 1-4 above and click "Print" instead of "Excel".

Method #2: Create a report using “Abstract Reviews” data source

Event managers can create a report using the “Abstract Reviews” data source to report on abstract review data as well as abstract data. A report allows for more information to be included, customized order of columns, and ability to schedule the report. 

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