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Retirement of non-responsive website templates
Retirement of non-responsive website templates

Learn about the upcoming changes to Eventsforce template options.

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At the end of October 2019 we will be retiring all our non-responsive templates. All events using these templates will be moved over to the equivalent “Responsive Standard Design” template and layout.

In preparation for this change, from Monday, 23th September 2019, we will be preventing the selection of these templates for new or duplicated events. The system will automatically apply an equivalent “Responsive Standard Design” template layout if the event is duplicated.

Why are we making this change?

These templates are no longer suitable for websites that are accessed from a range of modern devices from tablets to mobile phones. They way they work can impair the user experience in a number of areas, so we are keen to make sure you are using the best templates for your event websites.

What you need to do?

We recommend that you change your live event websites that are using non-responsive website templates over to use the template "Responsive Standard Design". There are 4 different layouts and an option to embed the website in another website using an iframe.

With this template you can select a theme color and fonts in the menu Website > Design > Appearance. Click here for more information about changing your website template.

On the 1st of November all historic and future events using Eventsforce non-responsive templates will be transferred over to use "Responsive Standard Design". By default the system will apply a grey color scheme.

You may choose to make the change earlier and apply your choice layout, color and fonts, so that on the transition date, your event website appearance will not change.

This change does not affect custom templates that you may have had commissioned and are utilized in your account.

Which templates are “non-responsive”?

On the page Website > Design > Template, all templates in the section “Standard Templates” are non-responsive except “Responsive Standard Design”.

All custom templates commissioned since 2017 are responsive. However, you can continue to use non-responsive custom website templates.

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