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How to add cancellation fees
How to add cancellation fees

Learn how to charge a cancellation fee for attendees or items.

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A common requirement for events is to establish a protocol on how to handle attendees that decide to cancel their entire registration, or remove items from their registration. 

There are two types of cancellation fees within Eventsforce:

  • Total cancellation fee (most common) -  a total cancellation fee will be applied against a registration when the ENTIRE registration is cancelled 

  • Cancellation price - a cancellation price can be applied to items in a registration and will trigger when that item is removed 

Note: If a “total cancellation fee” and “cancellation prices” have both been added to your event, the cancellation fees will combine when the registration is cancelled.

Adding a total cancellation fee

A total cancellation fee requires the entire registration to be cancelled in order for the fee to trigger. For group registrations, this means the entire group must be cancelled. For single registrations, a standard cancellation will trigger this fee. Setting up a fee is similar to setting up a price within Eventsforce.  Follow the steps below to set up the total cancellation fee:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Prices

  2. Click “Add”

  3. Enter a name to identify your price in "Price Descriptor Name:"

  4. Select an option in the list for "Who it applies to:"

  5. In the "What it applies to:" list, select ‘Total Cancellations’

  6. Enter the price in "Add New Price:" and select the start date of the price in "Date from"

  7. Enter a "Line item description" (this will be displayed on the basket page)

  8. Click "Save"

Note: Once a registration is cancelled, the basket page for that registration cannot be viewed. You can still view the audit trail and information about cancellation price by “updating payment”. Go to People > Registrations and select the registration. Use the ‘Tools’ dropdown and select “Update payment…”. Audit trail will appear towards the bottom.

Adding a cancellation price

Cancellation prices can be added against prices in your event. For example, if you add a cancellation price to a “Lunch price”, when an attendee removes the lunch from their registration, the cancellation price triggers. 

It’s possible that multiple cancellation prices can be applied to a registration if multiple items are removed. If prices have already been added to the event, follow the steps below to include a cancellation fee:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Prices

  2. Click to “Edit” the price you want to add a cancellation price for (generally this price is already linked to an item in the registration)

  3. Enter the cancellation price in "Add New Price:" field and select the start date of the price in "Date from"

  4. Select the box for "Cancellation Price"

  5. Click "Save"

Note:  In addition to adding the fee after a price has been created, cancellation fees can also be added during the initial price setup.

When do the cancellation fee/prices trigger?

The “total cancellation fee” will only trigger when the registration is cancelled. For single registrations, this is a normal cancellation. For group registrations, all within the group must be cancelled. Example of a total cancellation fee applied to a single registration below:

The “cancellation price” will only trigger when an item is removed from a registration, assuming the cancellation price is added against the price for that item. Example of a cancellation price triggering due to the removal of a lunch option below:

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