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How to use QBIs to create real attendees
How to use QBIs to create real attendees

Learn how QBIs can be used in group registration events.

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Quantity bookable items in Eventsforce can have many uses. See “How to add a quantity bookable item” for more information. One of those uses is creating real registrations using a QBI.

In a group registration event, QBIs can be used to create real attendees. This can enable the registration contact to quickly add multiple attendees to their group. A QBI can be set up to create real attendees in a specific category. 

By default, multiple categories will be allowed in a registration. Event managers may create a unique QBI for each category (example: ‘How many exhibitors to add?’, ‘How many speakers to add?’, etc). Separate maximums and minimums can be added for each QBI.

Note: When using QBIs to create real attendees, the registration process changes slightly. The registration consists of two pages; the “Registration contact details” page and a single “Attendee details” page where all group attendee information will be listed. If the registration contact will be attending also, their information will need to be re-entered for one of the attendees as the system will not pre-populate the information from the “Registration contact details” page.

Adding the QBI to create real attendees

All QBIs that create real attendees must be added to the registration contact page. A quantity bookable item (QBI) to create real attendees can be added by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration Pages

  2. Click to “Edit” the ‘Registration contact details’ page

  3. Hover over ‘Add here’ and select “Quantity Bookable Item”

  4. Add the question text and question settings as needed

  5. In the ‘Quantity bookable item details’ section, select the box for “Should this question create real attendees?”

  6. Use the dropdown box to select which category to create the attendees in

  7. Click “Save”

Note: If you do not see the “Should this question create real attendees?” option, make sure you’ve enabled group registration in your event.

Completing a group registration

Once the QBIs that create real attendees have been added to your event, you can complete a registration to better understand what attendees will see. The registration contact creates the group based on the values entered into the QBIs.

The attendee registration questions will appear once per attendee added. For example, if “2” is entered, the attendee questions will be shown twice, once for each of the attendees.

Event managers can still show unique questions to each attendee category, but cannot create multiple registration pages for attendees. Below is a demonstration of QBIs creating real attendees across multiple categories:

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