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How to add and use presenters

Learn how to add presenters and assign them to sessions.

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Within Eventsforce, event managers can create presenters (speakers) and assign them to sessions on their event program. A session can contain multiple presenters and the presenter information can be displayed on the public website. 

Presenters are available to all events in your account. If a presenter is added in one event, that same presenter can be used in another event. 

Note: If you are using abstracts, your presenter information will come from submitters, main authors, and co-authors. You do not need to create presenters using this method. 

Adding presenters (speakers)

Event managers can add presenters by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup > Program > Presenters

  2. Select the “Show Available” checkbox to ensure the presenter does not already exist in the system (if the presenter exists, select the “Active for this event” checkbox)

  3. If the presenter does not already exist, select the “Add” button in the top left

  4. Enter the presenter information (‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ are required)

  5. (Optional) Upload a speaker image using the “Upload…” button

  6. Click “Save”

Tip: To avoid having duplicate presenters, we suggest checking to see if the presenter already exists before adding a new presenter. 

Assigning presenters to sessions

Once presenters have been added in the event, event managers can begin assigning presenters to sessions. Presenters must be assigned within the session itself. Take the steps below to assign presenters:

  1. Go to Setup > Program > Sessions

  2. Edit a session by selecting the edit icon OR double click on the session

  3. Select the “Presenters” field and begin adding presenters from the drop down

  4. Click “Save” in the top left

Displaying presenters on the agenda

You may need to enable a setting to display presenters on your program:

  1. Go to Setup > Program > Settings

  2. Select the “Presenter” checkbox under ‘For each session, show:’

  3. Click “Save”

  4. To test, select the “Preview and test event website” icon OR preview your agenda

Note: If the speaker’s name is hyperlinked (underlined), it means the speaker profile contains more information, such as the speaker image, bio, job title, company, etc.

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