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How to invite submitters to create award entries
How to invite submitters to create award entries

Learn how to invite people to register and submit award entries.

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Once event managers have configured the awards event, the next step is inviting award submitters to login and submit award entries or make the registration URL available on your public website. 

To avoid login issues by submitters, Eventsforce recommends checking the following before sending a live invitation or making the registration link publicly available:

  • Check to ensure the registration dates are open (Setup > Event > Registration)

  • Check the ‘Last Award Submission’ date (Awards > Setup > Settings)

Inviting award submitters

For public events, anyone who visits the website can register and submit an award entry. Event managers may still want to send invitations to specific individuals inviting them to submit award entries. 

The process of adding award submitters to invite is the same as creating an invitation list for a registration event. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create a list of people by importing a CSV/TXT file that contains submitter details (email, firstname, lastname)

  2. Send the invitation email inviting submitters to enter awards

Note: Eventsforce recommends using the “Personal Event Link” or the “Personal Registration Link” within the invitation email.

Using direct URL to registration  

Event managers may decide against sending invitations and make the award entry event available from a public link on a website. In this instance, Eventsforce would recommend using the “Event Homepage URL” or the “Direct URL to Registration”. Both URLs can be found by going to Website > Settings > Addresses.

Note: If not using the personal links, your submitters may be asked for a password if their details already exist in Eventsforce. Read more about passwords in our support article “Attendee Passwords (Reference)”.

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