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How to edit submitted award entries
How to edit submitted award entries

Learn how submitted award entries can be amended.

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Within an awards event, event managers have the ability to restrict when submitters can edit award entries. The “Allow Editing of Submitted Entries” setting can be found in the awards management settings. Event managers can choose one of the following options:

  • Not Allowed

  • Until Last Submission Date 

  • Until Judging Start Date

Note: Event managers will always have the ability to edit entries from the admin portal of Eventsforce. 

Editing entries as a submitter

When award submitters are allowed to edit submitted entries, they can do so by logging into the award submission process. The most efficient way to do this is using the “personal registration”, as no password will be needed. Alternatively submitters can visit the website and use the amendment link. 

The process for submitters to edit submitted entries is as follows:

  1. Login to the award submission process using a personal link (or generic amendment link and enter email and password)

  2. Locate the entry and select the “Edit this Entry” link on the right hand side

  3. Amend the entry as needed

  4. Click “Save and go to awards summary”

  5. Click “Proceed to payment”

  6. Click “Complete registration”

Note: If personal links cannot be used in the event, event managers may want to add the “Amend” page to their website.

Editing entries as an event manager

Event managers can edit submitted award entries at any time from the admin portal, even after the deadline for frontend amendments has passed. 

To edit an award entry, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Awards > Management > Entries

  2. Locate the entry to be amended and click on the submitter’s name

  3. Within the popup, locate the entry to be edited and click “Edit this Entry”

  4. Edit the entry as needed

  5. Click “Save and go to Awards Summary”

  6. Click “Proceed to payment”

  7. Click “Complete registration”

Note: Event managers can login as an award submitter or award judge by using the impersonation links on the personal details page.

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