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How to report on submitted award entries
How to report on submitted award entries

Learn how to report on award entries.

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Within an award event, Eventsforce stores data for ‘submitted’ and ‘unsubmitted’ award entries. Event managers can export award entry data in two ways:

  • Exporting entry details from the ‘Entries’ page

  • Creating a report using the ‘Award entries’ data source

  • Creating a report using the ‘Award entry files’ data source

Exporting data from ‘Entries’ page

Event managers can export basic entry data from the ‘Management > Entries’ page, such as project name, submitter, category, review count, and status. To export additional award entry details, follow the steps in the next section for “Reporting on award entries”.

To export basic entry data, follow the steps below:  

  1. Go to Awards > Management > Entries

  2. Adjust the ‘Items per page’ at the bottom to show all entries on one page

  3. Select the checkbox for the entries to be exported (click ‘All’ to select all entries)

  4. Click the “Excel” button 

Note: Only the entries shown on the page that will be exported to excel. Adjust items per page to show all entries to ensure all data gets exported.

Reporting on award entry data

Event managers can create a report to export award entry data and award entry files. A report allows for more data to be exported for each award entry. 

A report for award entry data can be setup by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Reports > Reports

  2. Use the “+” to create a new report

  3. Select “Award Entries” as the data source

  4. Add an “In Event” filter to only show entries for one event

  5. Follow the steps in our “How to create a report” article to finalize the report

Note: Award judge grades and comments are not available in the “Award Entries” data source. To export award judge scores and comments, view our article “How to view and export award judges scores”.

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