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How to email badges to attendees
How to email badges to attendees

Learn how to send event badges to attendees to download.

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Event managers have the ability to create badges for attendees within Eventsforce. Once badges are created, event managers can choose to pre-print badges, or email badges to attendees directly. 

When emailing badges, attendees can receive a hyperlink via email to PDF of their badge to be downloaded and printed. 

Note: Eventsforce also offers an on-site kiosk solution for badge printing called “Eventsforce Kiosk”. For more information, please read our article “What is Eventsforce Kiosk?”.

Adding the badge link to emails

Event managers can add a hyperlink in an email that links to a badge. Upon selecting the link, the attendee will download a PDF of the badge.  

The badge hyperlink can be added by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Communications > Ad Hoc OR Communications > Automatic

  2. Click to “Edit” the email that badge link should be added to

  3. Add the text you want hyperlinked (example: Download badge)

  4. Highlight the text and select “Insert/edit link”

  5. Use the ‘Link List’ dropdown and select “PDF: *Badge name*”

  6. Click “OK”

  7. Click “Save”

Note: Only one badge can be associated with a hyperlink. If using different badges for different attendee categories, Eventsforce recommends creating a unique email for each category.

Sending the email

Once the email containing the link to your badge has been created and tested, event managers can send the email to the attendees using the ad hoc process.

Note: Event managers may also choose to enable the automatic reminder email and add the badge link in the reminder email. 

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