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How to use dependent text blocks in emails
How to use dependent text blocks in emails

Learn how to show different email content with dependent text blocks.

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Event managers have the ability to display text within emails dependent on an answer to a registration question or bookable item. By using dependent text blocks in emails, event managers can ensure attendees are only seeing the information relevant to them.

For example, an event manager can choose to show hotel information only to the attendees that require accommodation. This assumes a “Do you need accommodation?” question was asked with “Yes” and “No” answer alternatives.

Note: By default, event managers can use attendee categories to configure separate email content per category. Dependent text blocks are an additional layer of customization within each email.

Adding dependent text blocks

Before text blocks can be made dependent within emails, event managers must first create the registration question and/or bookable item that the text will be dependent on. Text can only be made dependent on questions that allow for a single answer, such as “dropdown box” and “radio button” question types.

Once the questions are created, take the following steps to add dependent text in an email:

  1. Go to Communications > Automatic OR Communications > Ad Hoc

  2. Click to “Edit” the email which will contain the dependent text block

  3. Add the text you want to make dependent

  4. Highlight the text to be made dependent (include any spacing that should also be dependent)

  5. Click the “Dependent text block” icon in the top right (icon with diverging arrows)

  6. Select the registration question or bookable item from the first dropdown

  7. Select the answer from the second dropdown which should display the text

  8. Click “Save”

Note: Eventsforce recommends testing by creating registrations with different answers and sending an ad hoc email.


The below email was sent to an attendee who indicated “No”, they do not require accommodation. No accommodation text is displayed.

The below email was sent to an attendee who indicated “Yes”, they do require accommodation. Accommodation text meets dependent requirements and displays.

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