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Changes to the system database items "Salutation" and "Title"
Changes to the system database items "Salutation" and "Title"
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From Tuesday 6th October 2020 we will be changing the way data is stored for a person's title.

Historically, Eventsforce has used the database item "Salutation" to capture a person's title. This is then used in several places including the 'Basket' page to be displayed alongside the person's first name and last name.

From Tuesday 6th October 2020, we will be changing the system database items "Salutation" and "Invoice Details Salutation" to use the word "title"; therefore, they will become "Title" and "Invoice Details Title" respectively.

All data that has been stored against the database items "Salutation" and "Invoice Details Salutation" will be transferred to the new database items. Likewise, the values will be outputted in the same places that "Salutation" and "Invoice Details Salutation" have been used.

Why is this change being made?

This change is being made to remove the confusion between title and salutation. It will also remove some historical inconsistencies when both database items are used.

What will I need to change?

If you are importing attendees into an invitation list, you will need to rename your column from "Salutation" to "Title".

If you are creating new reports, you must add the column "Title" to view the stored data.

Do I need to change anything on my registration form?

No. Where "Salutation" was used the question text will remain unchanged, but the data will now be stored against the database item "Title".

Why has the database item "title" that I created been renamed?

In order to make "Title" a system database item, existing database items with that name have been renamed. This has been done by appending the account name to the end of the database item name. An example might be "Title MyCompany".

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