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Understanding tickets and categories

Learn the relationship between tickets and categories in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.

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In Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing, bookers start the registration on the ‘ticket selection’ page. From the ticket selection page, the booker can purchase a single ticket, multiple tickets, or a predefined ‘package’ of tickets.

Tickets are assigned a category which is used to determine which questions and sessions appear during registration. If inviting attendees, a category can be pre-assigned to the invitee, ensuring they only see tickets available to their category.

This article will cover the following:

What are tickets?

In Eventsforce, a ticket can refer to a person (example: Member ticket, Sponsor ticket) or an item (example: gala dinner, drinks reception, event t-shirt).

A ‘person ticket’ is always associated with a category. Every attendee coming to your event will have a “person ticket” associated with them, as well as an attendee category. For events spanning multiple days, the event manager can specify which days of the event each ticket allows admittance to.

Note: Event managers can prevent a ticket/item from being purchased individually by making it a “hidden ticket”. Administrators can still see and book hidden tickets on the Registration page, except for when the ticket capacity is met.

What are categories?

Attendee categories are used in Eventsforce to identify types of attendees for the purpose of:

  • Limiting the tickets available to invitees with a pre-assigned category

  • Showing/hiding sessions on the program

  • Requesting different information during registration (i.e. category specific questions)

By default, every event will have an “Attendee” category. In addition, every event will have an “Attendee” ticket, for attending all days of the event.

Each time a new category is created, Eventsforce will automatically create a corresponding person ticket for that category.

The only information needed to create a new category is ‘category name’ and ‘name on badge’. Name on badge is used with our Eventsforce Kiosk functionality.

Ticket types

Before creating tickets in the event, event managers may first want to create all categories. If an event manager needs to collect different information from 'Members' compared to 'Non-Members', they should create a category for "Members" and one for "Non-Members".

When ready to create tickets, go to Setup > Event > Tickets, and click the “+” in the top left. A modal will appear with the following options:

Tickets can be created for:

  • Person = ticket for an individual person, or a person with item tickets

    • Example: an individual attendee ticket for all days of the event

    • Example: an individual attendee ticket for a specific day of the event (i.e. Day 1 only)

    • Example: an attendee ticket that includes ‘gala dinner’ item ticket

    • Example: an individual attendee ticket with group restrictions (i.e. must purchase “4” tickets, used for group discounts)

  • Item = ticket for an item that can be sold separately, added to a person ticket, added to a ticket package or linked to a registration question

    • Example: an event t-shirt that can be purchased individually (without registration)

    • Example: a ‘gala dinner’ ticket that can be added to any registration or included with a person ticket

    • Example: a bottle of wine that is automatically included when purchasing a package of 4, but cannot be purchased individually

  • Package = a package containing a specific number of person tickets (at least 2) and can include item tickets. Person tickets can be added from different categories.

    • Example: a package of 2 attendee tickets and 2 t-shirts at a fixed package price

    • Example: a package of 2 non-member tickets, 2 member tickets, and 4 t-shirts at a fixed price

    • Example: a “Sponsorship” package that includes 4 sponsor tickets, 1 ad space, 4 dinner tickets

When group registration is enabled, attendees can purchase multiple person tickets to create a group, or can select a predefined package of tickets. A package can be used to offer tickets from different attendee categories together, may include items, and provide a fixed rate for the entire package.

Note: The event manager can choose to enable or disable group registrations at any time.


Wondering when you should create a new category and when you should add separate tickets?

Feel free to reach out to Eventsforce Support using the ‘Chat’ within Eventsforce or emailing for more assistance.

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