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Groups & Ticketing - Group organizer mode

Learn the booker and attendee journeys for group booking in group organizer mode.

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This article will focus on the “group organizer” group registration option. If you have not done so already, please read our article “Concept of Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing” for an overview of group registration options. This article will cover the following:

The “group organizer” group registration mode allows the booker to purchase tickets, then enter data and book sessions on behalf of attendees. Attendees do not have the ability to enter their information or manage their own schedule. Bookers have the sole responsibility of data and schedule management for all attendees in the group.

Note: If inviting attendees to an event that allows group booking, the invitee is limited to a single ticket booking. Invitees cannot add more tickets to their booking.

“Group organizer” group registration option

The event manager must enable the “Groups” setting found on the Setup > Event > Properties page:

Note: Event managers can adjust these settings at any time in the registration process.

Booker’s journey

When “Groups" is enabled, the booker will encounter the following pages:

  1. Ticket selection

  2. Checkout page

  3. Booker’s Details modal

  4. Payment modal (if applicable)

  5. Summary page

  6. Attendees page

  7. Agenda page (if applicable)

  8. Checkout page

Depending on the selection of "Who enters attendee" details, the booker can either complete their purchase and return later to add attendee data or they must enter all attendee details before completing the order.

Note: The booker will see a registration progress section below the event banner helping them identify where they are in the registration journey.

Entering attendee’s details

Once tickets have been booked/purchased, the booker can click “Continue” on the summary page to begin entering attendee details.

Selecting “Continue” will take the booker to the “Attendees” page. The booker will see a ‘key’ on the right showing a link for each person ticket, separated by category.

The booker can begin entering data for the first person ticket, then click “Next” when done to move to the next ticket in the list. At any point in time, the booker can click on any link in the key to jump to that person ticket.

The page saves automatically once the booker clicks into another input field or person ticket.

The confirmation email is sent as soon as all required fields have been entered for the attendee.

Note: Eventsforce assumes the booker is not attending the event. If attending the event, the booker must add their own information against a ‘person ticket’. Only those with a ‘person ticket’ will be allowed to attend the event.

Booking attendee’s sessions

If the event contains published bookable sessions, the booker will have the ability to select sessions on behalf of the attendee’s. In the ‘Group organizer’ mode, attendees do not have the ability to manage their own schedule.

Note: Since the option to allow attendees to enter their own details can be enabled at any point in time, event managers may want bookers to book tickets and pay now, then allow attendees to manage their own schedule at a later date.

If sessions in the event are public and bookable, the booker will see an “Agenda” page during the booking process.

When selecting a session to add, the booker will receive a modal listing all person tickets with a checkbox for each. The booker can select the checkbox for all attendees that the sessions should be selected for.

The checkbox will be unavailable if any of the following are true:

  • The session is not available for the attendee category the person ticket is associated with

  • The session has reached full capacity

  • The attendee is already booked for another session at the same time

Note: Schedule management is more efficient when names have been added for attendees. If names have not yet been added, all tickets will show “Unnamed”.

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