Declining an event invitation

Learn how invitees can decline the invitation for the event.

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The Eventsforce invitation email includes “Accept” and “Decline” buttons by default. “Accept” allows the invitee to register for the event, while “Decline” allows the invitee to decline the invitation.

Invitees who decline the invitation will be excluded from all future invitations sent from the selected event.

This article will cover the following:

Declining an invitation (user experience)

When an invitee declines an invitation, they will be directed to an event page asking them to “confirm” that they are declining the invite. Once confirmed, the invitee is informed that they are removed from the mailing list for this event.

Note: An event manager can always find the invitation email on the email “History” page for testing or to accept or decline on behalf of an invitee.

After declining the invitation

Once an invitation has been declined, the invitee’s status is changed from “Invited” to “Declined” on the invitation list. Those with a declined status will be excluded from future invitations or reminders sent from this event.

After declining, the invitee cannot be edited or removed from the invitation list. A record of all declines can always be found and exported as needed.

Note: If the declined invitee wants to be re-invited, they must be added to the invitation list again. The “Accept” link from their original invitation will no longer be active.

Adding/removing the decline button

As an event manager, if you do not want to present an option to “Decline” an invitation, the invitation email can be amended and the “Decline” button can be removed. Take the following steps to remove your “Decline” button to the invitation email:

  1. Go to Email > Templates

  2. Click to ‘edit’ the “Event invitation” email (or double click the row)

  3. Highlight the “Decline Invitation” button text and delete (removes the entire button)

  4. Click “Save”

To re-add the “Decline Invitation” button:

  1. Go to Email > Templates

  2. Click to ‘edit’ the “Event invitation” email (or double click the row)

  3. Place your cursor where you want the button to appear

  4. Select “Decline invite” from the tag list on the left hand side

  5. Click “Save”

Note: Event managers can customize the button text by deleting the current verbiage and replacing it with custom text.

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